Will Belmont Ever Be Safe? #417


Los Angeles, CA. Major political powers continue to impact the Los Angeles Unified School District’s $half billion dollar Belmont Learning Center construction and reconstruction on top of the old Los Angeles Oil Field which began in 1990 and continues to this day.

Anthony Patchett, former Special District Attorney in charge of the Belmont criminal investigation describes the circumstances which scuttled the prosecution of Belmont crimes on this part two of a Full Disclosure cable and internet TV program which will start video streaming 24/7 from this webpage on March 4, 2005.

Also appearing with Patchett is Dr. Kaye H. Kilburn, M.D. who holds the Ralph Edgington Chair of the Keck School of Medicine, USC, who described how his employment had been threatened because of the views he expressed on the dangers of hydrogen sulfide.

“The avenues of big money penetrate almost anything. They are almost as insidious as hydrogen sulfide” he said. Also included in the program are video clips from previous Full Disclosure interviews with Roger Carrick, Special Legal Counsel to the L. A. Unified School District’s Inspector General and David Cartwright, Sr. Partner with the Law firm of O’Melveny & Myers who served as outside legal counsel to the LAUSD.

In spite of 1990 warnings from the California Department of Oil and Gas, the outside legal counsel to the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) State toxicologists, an international renowned medical expert and the former Head of Environmental Crimes the Los Angeles Unified School District is forging ahead with Belmont fifteen years later.

Belmont Learning Complex (recently renamed Central High #11 or Vista Hermosa) is located on a 35-acre site in downtown Los Angeles was formerly known as the Los Angeles Oil Field. The site is plagued by toxic hazards such as methane gas and hydrogen sulfide that are considered highly dangerous threat to children, teachers and other who are exposed.

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