CBS Fake Docs Swing Election? #413

Los Angeles, CA Prominent Internet bloggers traded counter punches on the CBS report recently released on the Dan Rather fake documents scandal on this part two of a Full Disclosure special program. At issue was whether or not the report, written by former U. S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh, should have concluded whether the documents were forgeries and intended to throw the Presidential election.

Hosted by Emmy Award winning Leslie Dutton, this Full Disclosure Special on Internet bloggers, featured retired L. A. Times senior writer Kenneth Reich, who hosts a blog called “Take Back the Times” and Michael Williams, whose popular blog entitled “Master of None” is visited daily by fifteen hundred people world wide.

When asked by Dutton if it is it likely that more heads will roll at CBS over the document scandal, Ken Reich says yes, he feels that CBS President Heyward’s future is uncertain and that he probably felt an obligation to allow Dan Rather to stay on so he could leave with some good grace. Reich also noted that Rather was very embarrassed by it all and after 25 years at CBS may have stayed on the job too long.

Blogger Williams wondered if Dan Rather was embarrassed because he was tricked or embarrassed because he was caught and how many other Rather stories were unproven, unfounded or just sloppy and biased.

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