Bloggers Lead the Media Revolt #414

Los Angeles, CA Internet Bloggers are bringing accountability to the regular news media according to Michael Williams, whose popular Blog entitled “Master of None” is visited daily by fifteen hundred or more people worldwide. During a two part Blogging Special Full Disclosure cable and internet television program Williams said bloggers are playing an important role by acting as fact checkers when competing news outlets have refused to criticize one another’s mistakes.

Also appearing on the program is prominent L. A. Times senior writer (retired) Kenneth Reich who told Full Disclosure that he started his Blog, which is called “Take Back the Times”, because he felt the Chicago based Tribune management, which owns L.A. Times, is doing a great disservice to the newspaper by ordering severe cutbacks and refusing to meet with long time Times staff members for their input.

In this part one of the program, Internet Bloggers were described as watchdogs who come from every walk of life, contributing their particular experience, professional and technical knowledge to shed light on issues of the day and in the media. Part two of the program is a discussion of the CBS Thornburgh Report on the Dan Rather media scandal.

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