Save Our Constitutional Amendment #411-412

Los Angeles, CA — The pros and cons of a proposed initiative to ban California Drivers Licenses and taxpayer benefits to illegal immigrants is the topic of this part one of a two-part Full Disclosure program featuring former State Senator Dick Mountjoy author of a the Save Our License Constitutional Amendment initiative. On this program both Mountjoy and Larry Flynt, publisher Hustler Magazine opposed illegal immigration while Nativo Lopez and Xavier Reyes, immigrant rights activists defended.

Larry Flynt told Full Disclosure “Illegal immigration has been a huge drain on this State forever and each administration gives it lip service but nobody does anything about it.” Flynt says that benefits such as Medicare and other services are provided to illegals while the border is wide open and nobody is doing anything. He says the Federal Government should get in there and close that border..

Mountjoy tells Emmy Award winning Full Disclosure host Leslie Dutton that unlike Proposition 187 which was overwhelming approved by the voters ten years ago, Federal and State judges and the Legislature will not be able to “tinker” with his new initiative without a vote of the people.

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