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FBI, the Media and Unnamed Sources

The multi-billion dollar budget of LAUSD attracts power hungry politicians on the Full Disclosure Network® special Video News Blog (12 min).

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Lawless Los Angeles

STREET VENDORS SPARK IMMIGRATION POLICY BATTLE Here’s a complete background history of the decades-old controversy that was hashed out by the LA City Council. Now, over 20 years later, we are still “Lawless Los Angeles.” Buscaino and Price, are among a number of city officials who are concerned that the election of Donald Trump and […]

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Fed Reserve: Conspiracy and Deceit?

The News Behind the news: The Congress and the public had to be deceived in order to pass the Federal Reserve Act. Watch the segment preview: Watch the full segment: FULL DISCLOSURE® and THE FULL DISCLOSURE NETWORK® are registered trademarks Full Disclosure Network® is a registered trademark for electronic media and television services. Full Disclosure Network […]

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