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Facebook User Data Exploited?

March 29, 2018,  Full Disclosure Network presents a 7 minute video  featuring a Newport Beach CA security data expert who is raising concerns about  the possible widespread exploitation of Facebook users’ personal data that may have resulted in questionable profits and or political influence to parties involved in the transfer. The video report entitled: Facebook […]

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Foreign Journalists Discover FDN

U. S. STATE DEPARTMENT BRINGS FOREIGN JOURNALISTS TO FDN For Discussions on Integrity in Journalism,  Media Ethics & Freedom of The Press For the past six years the Full Disclosure Network has hosted small delegations of foreign Journalists  invited by the U. S. State Departement to share information on such topics as “Integrity in Journalism”  […]

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Media Experts Reflect on Integrity in Journalism

PREVIEW FDN SERIES  ON MEDIA ETHICS   Here’s a short sampling where media ethics are discussed  on  “The News Behind The News”    Appearing in this 8 minute video are: Murray Fromson: CBS Correspondent (ret), Prof. USC School of Journalism, Dave Gascon: LAPD Deputy Chief of Communications Harvey Levin: Attorney/Founder TMZ/CBS Newscaster Brent Bozell: Founder […]

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