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Judicial Canons of Ethics

November 30, 2011Comments are closed.

    This is a preview from the second half of a one-hour expose entitled “Judicial Revenge” and The Private Attorney General  against former Richard I. Fine” who without being charged with a crime or convicted was held in L A County Men’s Central Jail. in solitary “Coercive Confinement” for 18 months..  This 72 year-old […]

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August 8, 2011No Comments

Program Preview: Segment #1 – Ballot Fraud Squeezes More $ For Council Members Judges who receive the payments that violate the State Constitution are sitting on cases involving Constitutional issues. David Hernandez describes how the City Council and the lobbyists crafted the fraudulent ballot language. The L A City Council is one of the highest […]

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August 8, 2011One Comment

Preview Segment #1: Judge OK’d Fraudulent Charter Ballot David Hernandez, a Los Angeles civic activist, tells Full Disclosure Network in this six-segment TV series of his legal challenge against Ballot Fraud, known as Prop. “R”. He is waging a war against a “Culture of Corruption” that has overtaken Los Angeles lobbyists, County and City elected […]

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March 6, 201114 Comments

Los Angeles, CA In an 8 minute video news report former U.S. Prosecutor Richard Fine describes his strategy for returning integrity to the California Court system and the reasons why State Superior Court Judges cannot sit on cases where they have received money from parties who appear before them. At a hearing on March 10, 2011 […]

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