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Program Preview:     Segment #1Battle For Homeless Federal Funds or Homeless Souls? Mike Arnold of LAHSA Los Angeles Homeless Services Agency describes how he administers the multi-millions in Federal Funds for homeless programs in LA County. He says that permanent housing for homeless and shares concern that Union Rescue Mission efforts to provide hope […]

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Preview Segment #1 Salvation vs Housing: Union Rescue Mission vs Government Programs County of LA is at odds with the Union Rescue Mission (URM). According the Rev. Andy Bales, Chief Executive Officer of the URM care provided to homeless was blamed for adding to the homeless problems in L A County. The Los Angeles Homeless […]

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Los Angeles, CA The Full Disclosure Network®, known as “the news behind the news” presents the following three-part series covering details and actual documents involved in the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) attempt to recall a HUD application that was submitted in a request for a $125 million loan guarantee approved by their Los Angeles office. Submitters […]

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