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Alex Alexiev

April 14, 2015No Comments

The News Behind the News: Anti-semitism along with an anti-America ideology is being fomented by Russian President Putin.   Watch the Program Preview: “International security expert Alex Alexiev claims the anti-semitic movement in Europe is being funded by Russian President Putin. Why would the Russian leader be fomenting anti-Jewish sentiment across Europe? When combined with […]

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March 19, 2015No Comments

The News Behind the News: International security expert Alex Alexiev reveals how the Islamic terrorists ISIS formed, is supported and protected by our NATO ally: Turkey. Watch the Program Preview: According to Alex Alexiev, an international security expert, the terrorist organization ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) controls more territory than the United Kingdom. He […]

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October 22, 20135 Comments

    Program Preview: Alex Alexiev alleges Europe is so politically correct, it doesn’t realize or discuss out-of-control immigration. He states France describes almost 800 Muslim ghettos as “sensitive zones,” discusses radical ghettos, riots in Sweden, and some London areas look like Beirut. Alexiev is disturbed by lack of assimilation, rejection of European culture, by […]

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October 8, 20133 Comments

Program Preview: Alex Alexiev international security expert, former analyst with Rand Corporation, and Vice President of research and development with the Center for Security Policy in D.C., warns that the government expense to process millions of illegal aliens is huge, and that they will become customers of the welfare program as they did in 1986/87. […]

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September 24, 20132 Comments

Program Preview: Alex Alexiev explains that discussing California’s declining literacy rate, and consequences to the U.S., is politically incorrect. He states that if California was considered a country, the literacy rate would be ranked at 151 of 205 countries. Alexiev notes the highest illiteracy rates include L.A. County with 35%, and Imperial County, over 42% […]

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September 4, 20137 Comments

Program Preview:   Segment 3: Alex Alexiev describes big business Republicans signing on to a leftist agenda, and says they are happy to have taxpayers foot the bill as they support the immigration amnesty bill. He notes that it cost California $20 billion to provide services for two-and-a-half to three million illegal aliens, and points […]

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August 27, 20133 Comments

Program Preview:   Segment 2: Alex Alexiev expresses major concerns that the Immigration Bill would impact the security of the U.S. with millions of illiterate people coming into America, rather than the intelligent, well-educated people that want to enter the country legally. He states that Democrats have a clear interest in letting illegal aliens into […]

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August 14, 20135 Comments

Program Preview:   Segment 1: Alex Alexiev, a Republican and naturalized citizen, warns that the Immigration Bill Modernization Act SB 744 will have the same results as the 1987 implemented bill that gave amnesty to three million illegal immigrants. He cites Harvard University Professor of Economics and Social Policy, George Borjas, who teaches at the John […]

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July 23, 201311 Comments

Los Angeles , CA  International Security expert Alex Alexiev is predicting that amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants in America is destined to destroy the Republican Party. He believes that the Senate Bill 744 amnesty program, if approved by the House of Representatives, will spark the creation of a new political party or by empowering a “One […]

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June 9, 201310 Comments

Los Angeles, CA  This video blog features clips from a new Full Disclosure Network® interview series with Alex Alexiev an International Scholar and Security. Expert  He points to government and institutional statistics compiled on literacy world-wide and the impact of illiteracy on the Democratic process in the United States. Massive Population Transfers of Illiterate People To U.S. if Immigration Bill  (S.744) Is Approved  Alexiev […]

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