Full Disclosure Production Credits

Leslie Dutton
LESLIE DUTTON: EXECUTIVE PRODUCER – In the ’70s the young Ms. Dutton became a civic activist, heading local volunteer campaigns for community and regional projects. During that period she developed extensive experience and contacts as a manager and speaker. This varied background eventually led to becoming an Account Executive and Vice President of a national public/government affairs firm. She represented diverse clients relating to the media, the U. S. Congress and the California State Legislature. As founding President of the American Association of Women, Ms. Dutton also spearheaded issue-oriented campaigns. These range from community Charter Amendments to University of California tuition policies. As producer for the Full Disclosure Network®, she has received the 2001 Emmy for public affairs series programming from the Academy of Television of Arts and Sciences. She also served on the Academy LA Area Executive Peer Committee and the National Awards Committee for Prime Time Emmy. (2002-2004)
TJ Johnston 
 T.J. JOHNSTON: PRODUCER – Was Production Manager for ABC Television (Los Angeles) for fifteen years. His shows included the Academy Awards, the Emmys, as well as General Hospital among others. TJ retired to write screenplays and offer armed and unarmed self-defense to civilians at AllSafe Defense Systems (He holds a fourth degree black belt and is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor). In 1999, T.J. joined the Full Disclosure Network® as a Co-Producer of the Forum 2000 “The Prosecutor & The Presidency” which was videotaped in Washington, DC. He continues to work on content development and to co-produce our programs. He received a 2008 Emmy nomination for public affairs series “FEDS Nail OC Sheriff” covering the prosecution of Michael Carona for jury tampering.
Robert Reikeberg  
AlexCU ALEX ALEXIEV: Associate Producer – Alex Alexiev has been an FDN Associate Producer providing research and program development on special issues.  His background and  Research Experience includes:Project director and principal investigator of numerous Rand Corp. projects for U.S. government agencies (Dept. of Defense, US Army Intelligence, USAF intelligence, DIA, CIA etc.) with the national security division of the Rand Corp. Military and foreign affairs related to NATO, the Warsaw Pact, the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Nationalism, demographics, ethnic and religious conflicts in Eurasia and the Middle East. Economic reform and transition in post-communist societies etc. Islamic finance and sovereign wealth issues. Testified to U.S. congressional hearings on a number of occasions.Film and Television Partner and executive producer at ABG Films Inc., a Los Angeles -based film company specializing in the production of documentary films. ABG films have been shown on Fox News Channel and PBS. Associate producer with Full Disclosure Network, a Los Angeles television production company.
Matthew Minerd MATTHEW MINERD:  FDN Technical Support – Matthew was a software engineer for a webhosting services company before joining a Benedictine monastery in 2008, where he lived for three years.  During his time there, he continued to use his technology background both as the primary consultant for the monastery’s various web presences (managing over 10 domains and the designers associated with them as well as helping to relocate and redesign their overall server infrastructure) and also as a computer science teaching assistant in the liberal arts college run by the monks of said monastery.  After leaving the monastery, he undertook guided research at the University of Oxford before matriculating as a graduate student in the school of philosophy at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC
  HOST/PRODUCER Leslie Dutton


T.J. Johnston

                        ASSOCIATE PRODUCER 

John Barron


David Yerena
Kenyon Blower
                                POST PRODUCTION
Terrafirma Productions

                                SET DESIGN

Craig E. Nelson
                                PANEL DESIGN
Andrew Walko
                                HISTORICAL ADVISOR
Chesterfield Smith, Esq.

                                SPECIAL THANKS

Rep. Jane Harman
 Esther Rushford Greene
 Stanley Interrante

                                LEGAL ADVISORS

Barbara Blinderman
 Thomas Kallay
 Robert Destro (Dean, Catholic University Law School)                                 

                                FORUM PRODUCTION SERVICES

Pyramid Press Port, Washington, D.C.
                                SPECIAL SERIES PRODUCTION
Howard University Television, Adelphia Pyramid Pressport Fox 25 Oklahoma City World Television, Hollywood
 All Five Members of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors signed a Proclamation which read: With sincere congratulations and best wishes the Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles does hereby join in your celebration on September 29, 2002″ in honor of the Full Disclosure Network®10th anniversary Breakfast held at the California Yacht Club and presented to Leslie Dutton by L. A. County Sheriff Lee Baca.
Hawthorne California Mayor Pro-Tem Ginny Lambert presented a proclamation to Leslie Dutton declaring July 22nd “Full Disclosure Network® DAY in the City of Hawthorne. The proclamation was in honor of the EMMY AWARD won by Dutton for having produced and hosted the best local Public Affairs programming in the Los Angeles Area.
Full Disclosure Network®2001 L. A. Area EMMY AWARD winner for Informational/Public Affairs series entitled: L.A.’s War Against Terrorism. Series featured law enforcement, labor and elected officials who are responsible for the public’s safety and cooperating with the Federal agencies in the War on Terrorism. EMMY Awards are presented every year to honor the best in local broadcasting by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS).
FULL DISCLOSURE ®began production of a Special Documentary Series of Interviews in 1999 featuring all the U. S. Attorneys General and Special and Independent Prosecutors who have been involved in Presidential Investigations over the past thirty years, this series of one-hour interviews, entitled “THE RULE OF LAW & THE SPECIAL PROSECUTOR PROCESS” is for national broadcast. In March 2000 Full Disclosure Network® produced a videotaped Forum entitled “THE PROSECUTOR AND THE PRESIDENCY” .The Forum was held in Washington D.C. and featured the Attorneys General and Prosecutors in studio, via satellite and with posthumous clips from the Full Disclosure Network® interviews.
The GOLD ANGEL AWARDS are sponsored by the Excellence in Media organization, and sparingly given to those who have worked tirelessly to make this world a better place through communications. Previous recipient of the GOLD ANGEL Award was DIANE SAWYER for Prime Time Live news magazine and the CBS production of Touched by an Angel. In both 1995 and 1996 Full Disclosure Network® received the “Programming Excellence” Award from the South Bay Producers Guild.