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Sheriff & Chief of Police

October 13, 20134 Comments

CANDIDATE TANAKA’S SUPPORTERS PILING ON SHERIFF BACA  GOLDBERG & GAGE LAW FIRM HAS  WINDFALL OF BACA-TANAKA RETALIATION CASES Bradley Gage and Terry Goldberg $ Why Are These Guys Smiling? $ Download Updated “The news behind the news” FDN  Newsletters On this Topic: Two Deputy Sheriff’s Sue Baca For Retaliation October 1, 2013 How Did Sheriff […]

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September 29, 20133 Comments

 Sheriffs Baca, Tanaka Under Fire: Jewish Officers Rights At Stake Federal Lawsuit Exposes Jail Horror! Download: FDN  Oct 1 and 7th Newsletters On this Case: HERE  and HERE Los Angeles, CA  In April this year, Sheriff Baca and Under Sheriff Paul Tanaka  were named in this  Verified Civil Rights Complaint filed by two Jewish Deputies, […]

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October 7, 20128 Comments

Los Angeles, CA   It was a long time in coming but Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has delivered the  final nail in the coffin to the” Rule Of Law ” in Los Angeles. By instructing his political appointee Police Chief Charlie Beck to defy the Feds and refuse to turn over lawless, paperless immigrants for prosecution of  […]

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March 18, 20103 Comments

Los Angeles, CA  Sheriff Baca had denied an on-camera interview with jailed attorney Richard I. Fine, even though the LA Times had been permitted an interview. Suddenly after suing the Sheriff Dept. Leslie Dutton was granted the interview. This video features a humorous series of rationalizations by Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore, as he tries to […]

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September 30, 2009Comments are closed.

Los Angeles, CA L A Times Reporter Victoria Kim apparently sneaked into the L.A. County Central Men’s Jail without being detected, in order to conduct a banned interview with prominent Anti-Trust Attorney who has been jailed there in solitary “coercive confinement” since March 4, 2009.  Watch the four-minute video: JAILERS CAUGHT UNAWARE According to Sheriff […]

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July 6, 2009One Comment

Los Angeles, CA. Prominent former Attorney Richard I Fine, made a second 9-1-1 call from his cell in the Los Angeles County Central Men’s Jail to the Full Disclosure Network® raising alarming issues regarding the ethics and procedures of the U. S. Central District Court in California. Having spent the last four months in solitary confinement, Richard Fine has […]

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November 2, 2008One Comment

Los Angeles, CA The FULL DISCLOSURE NETWORK® presents the four-part Emmy Nominated Series “Feds Nail OC Sheriff: Justice or Abuse?” covering the Federal Prosecution of Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona. Part 1-2: Feds Target Sheriff Using Media Features a Full Disclosure exclusive videotaped interview with Carona a few days after his arraignment in Federal Court on political corruption charges […]

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February 22, 20082 Comments

Full Disclosure Network®presents a 7 min video news blog describing the dangerous threat to public safety posed by the release of 40,000 prisoners from in California. Prompted by the current fiscal crisis and Federal Court mandates some counties have started releasing prisoners early resulting in new crimes and escalating the debate over public safety and […]

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December 5, 20073 Comments

Los Angeles, CA. Why did the Orange County District Attorney and the California Attorney General decline to prosecute Sheriff Mike Carona? And, after declining to prosecute the Sheriff, who is a State Constitutional office holder, what prompted the Feds to pursue an indictment on alleged political corruption charges? The FULL DISCLOSURE NETWORK® presents an eight minute Video News Blog […]

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October 10, 2007One Comment

Los Angeles, CA    Full Disclosure Network® presents a FREE seven (7) minute Internet  video preview of a two part series covering the controversial Reappointment of Los Angeles Police Chief Bill Bratton amid the ongoing investigation of the “May Day Melee” in Mac Arthur Park. The Full Disclosure® series features Donald Zachary, Director and Legal Counsel for the Radio and Television News Directors […]

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