The Prosecutor and the Presidency

July 24, 2012No Comments

  Here is a nine minute video preview from the FULL DISCLOSURE®  series “The Rule of Law” and “The Prosecutor & The Presidency” that was produced on location in various broadcast television production facilities across the nation. This special series features video clips from twelve hours of individual interviews produced in 1999and  clips from the […]

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June 11, 20073 Comments

Los Angeles, CA: The unique court ordered partnership between the ACLU and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is revealed in a four minute Internet video preview from a special Full Disclosure Network® series of interviews addressing the Los Angeles County jail crisis. Sheriff Leroy Baca describes the cause of the current jail overcrowding, citing the 1975 ACLU lawsuit (Rutherford […]

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September 13, 2003One Comment

Larry Flynt, Publisher of Hustler Magazine, explains his reasons for running for California Governor and how he stopped the prosecution of President Clinton. The gambling casino operator and pornographer talks about “honest government” and political hypocrites and accuses politicians and immigration policies of pandering, absence of morality, and ethics in government. [fdnVideo_embed yt=”JtehHmuMbUk” download=”no”]

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