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Religion and Politics

July 23, 201311 Comments

Los Angeles , CA  International Security expert Alex Alexiev is predicting that amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants in America is destined to destroy the Republican Party. He believes that the Senate Bill 744 amnesty program, if approved by the House of Representatives, will spark the creation of a new political party or by empowering a “One […]

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May 19, 20133 Comments

Here is free 3-minute preview of  the two-part Full Disclosure® interview with Citizen Statesman B. Wayne Hughes, Jr., who describes his enthusiastic support for prison programs to “change the culture.” Hughes explains  to Emmy Award-winning host Leslie Dutton why the culture needs to be changed. Soon to be released to public cable channels. The full half hour video segments […]

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September 16, 20129 Comments

Los Angeles , CA     VIDEO  PREVIEW: (3 min)  of a six-segment interview series featuring the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson who  started his own show on public access cable TV channels  in Los Angeles.  His controversial message of healing black anger with God’s love and blaming black leaders  for supporting black genocide with abortions gathered much […]

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June 12, 2006One Comment

Who are the forces behind the immigrant boycott? In a two-part interview with Nativo Virgil Lopez, Full Disclosure Network® host Leslie Dutton discovers the motivation and the forces behind the immigrant boycott. A nine (9) minute preview of the one hour interview is available for viewing now, FREE, “on demand” 24/7, p as a public […]

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May 4, 20062 Comments

Los Angeles, CA. Cardinal Roger Mahony violates his own office when calling for his priests to defy U. S. Immigration Laws. This according to Stanley Interrante, host of the “Catholic News & Views” Radio show, when he appeared in a seven minute rebuttal video blog with Cardinal Mahony on the Full Disclosure Network® (FDN). This rebuttal video […]

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April 29, 20062 Comments

Los Angeles, CA. In anticipation of the May 1st boycott by undocumented immigrants and their sympathizers, the Full Disclosure Network® is releasing a ten-minute video news blog revealing the behind the scenes tactics and preparations. The video contains exclusive footage and a interview with MAPA President Nativo Lopez, immigrant rights organizer who describes the boycott activities along with Brook Young, […]

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March 10, 2006One Comment

Los Angeles, CA. The Full Disclosure Network™ presents a six minute Video News Blog containing exclusive video clips from interviews withCardinal Roger Mahony, Fernando Guerra, Ph.D Loyola Marymount University and former California Senator Dick Mountjoy debating illegal immigration and Latino activism. Cardinal Roger Mahony: Describes his ideas on how to discourage Mexican and Central American immigrants from coming to the United […]

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February 25, 2006One Comment

Los Angeles, CA. What role does the Catholic Church play in Latino power politics and the illegal immigration issue? This is one of the questions addressed in an nine (9) minute Internet video comprised of video clips from Full Disclosure™interviews with Dr. of Chicano Studies,Fernando Guerra of Loyola Marymount University and California Senator Dick Mountjoy. When asked […]

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May 14, 2005One Comment

Is it acceptable for Cardinal Roger Mahony to instruct his Priests, Bishops and Catholic lay workers to defy U. S. Immigration Laws in hopes of derailing reform legislation? Full Disclosure Network® presents the striking but contrasting views of Cardinal Mahony and International Radio Broadcaster Stan Interrante, of the “Catholic News & Views”, (St. Joseph Radio) […]

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