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June 7, 2015No Comments

The News Behind the news: Scot Minerd claims the Fed is more transparent under the current leadership. Guggenheim Partners Chief Investment Officer Scott Minerd serves on the Market Advisory Committee to the Federal Reserve. He is extremely familiar with the operation of the Fed and explains how it was formed, for what purpose it was […]

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June 5, 20152 Comments

It’s not about right versus left. It’s about right versus wrong. Coming Soon To view the trailer, CLICK HERE.

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May 22, 2015No Comments

A frequent guest on Full Disclosure, host Leslie Dutton offered this tribute: The News Behind the news: The late Senator, labeled a staunch conservative actually was a man of the people, taking on issues of interest to both sides.   Please enjoy these selected programs featuring Senator Mountjoy: Save Our License Constitutional Amendment Part 1   […]

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May 15, 20152 Comments

The News Behind the news: Author G. Edward Griffin claims the Federal Reserve has been a scam on the American people from its founding 100 years ago. Watch the Program Preview: Author G. Edward Griffin explains the history of the Federal Reserve. He points out that it was done in secrecy because it created a […]

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May 7, 2015No Comments

The News Behind the News: The Bear/Stearns bailout set the stage for expanding the safety net to all the major financial institutions that were in trouble. Watch the Program Preview: Author Vern McKinley explains how the major banks lobbied to get government support for their tremendous losses in the 2007-2008 Great Recession. He identifies the […]

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April 29, 2015One Comment

News Behind the News: Scott Minerd offers a critical analysis of the first hundred years of the Federal Reserve. Watch the Program Preview: Due to his unconventional views, Scott Minerd, the global Chief Investment Officer of Guggenheim Partners is serving on the market advisory committee to the New York Federal Reserve Bank. He explained the […]

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April 22, 2015No Comments

The News Behind the news: The government agencies who are responsible for monetary policy failed to regulate the agencies under their supervision. Watch the Program Preview (2 min)   Following this 2 min preview, Fed Expert Vern McKinley is featured  in the full Segment #4 of the Fed Series pointing to  Article I, Section 8 […]

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April 14, 2015No Comments

The News Behind the News: Anti-semitism along with an anti-America ideology is being fomented by Russian President Putin.   Watch the Program Preview: “International security expert Alex Alexiev claims the anti-semitic movement in Europe is being funded by Russian President Putin. Why would the Russian leader be fomenting anti-Jewish sentiment across Europe? When combined with […]

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April 8, 2015One Comment

The News Behind the News: Energy has become the new weapon of the 21st Century. It is used to leverage treaties, agreements and alliances. Watch the Program Preview: “Russia is a banana republic with oil and gas.” So says international security expert Alex Alexiev in this third Critical Issues Briefing Series. Russia has been using […]

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March 31, 2015No Comments

 Our new production headquarters are now located at 742 Washington Blvd, Marina del Rey, CA 90292 Phone: (310)822-4449     FAX 310-919-2890           Full Disclosure Network (R) is a registered trademark for electronic media and television services.  

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