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January 14, 2014One Comment

Program Preview: Former LA Sheriff Sergeant Richard Valdemar charges that universities, colleges don’t teach students a wide range of history anymore, only teach about abuses of minorities. He warns of socialist teachings, urges people to call their representatives to let them know their constituents are concerned how they vote. Valdemar notes that the silent majority […]

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September 24, 20132 Comments

Program Preview: Alex Alexiev explains that discussing California’s declining literacy rate, and consequences to the U.S., is politically incorrect. He states that if California was considered a country, the literacy rate would be ranked at 151 of 205 countries. Alexiev notes the highest illiteracy rates include L.A. County with 35%, and Imperial County, over 42% […]

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June 9, 201310 Comments

Los Angeles, CA  This video blog features clips from a new Full Disclosure Network® interview series with Alex Alexiev an International Scholar and Security. Expert  He points to government and institutional statistics compiled on literacy world-wide and the impact of illiteracy on the Democratic process in the United States. Massive Population Transfers of Illiterate People To U.S. if Immigration Bill  (S.744) Is Approved  Alexiev […]

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May 19, 20133 Comments

Here is free 3-minute preview of  the two-part Full Disclosure® interview with Citizen Statesman B. Wayne Hughes, Jr., who describes his enthusiastic support for prison programs to “change the culture.” Hughes explains  to Emmy Award-winning host Leslie Dutton why the culture needs to be changed. Soon to be released to public cable channels. The full half hour video segments […]

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August 24, 2010No Comments

Belmont Learning Center aka Vista Hermosa aka Edward R. Roybal High School Los Angeles, CA Recent news reports shed light on the world’s most expensive high schools located in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Cost estimates range from a billion to two billion dollars for just two high schools. The Belmont Learning Center, cost […]

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October 14, 2008One Comment

Los Angeles, CA The complete series covering the future of Public Education consisting of four half hour shows each with three segments. An insiders view of Public Education featuring long-time School Board Member David Tokofsky and an outsiders view from Civic Activist David Hernandez is presented here on Streaming Video. SEGMENT ONE: L A Mayor’s Attempt To Take-Over LAUSD […]

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August 8, 20082 Comments

Los Angeles, CA. The Full Disclosure Network® presents an exclusive video report on how California Taxpayers pay matching funds every time voters in Los Angeles approve billions in school bonds for the what is described as “the Beast” or an economic engine known as the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). And those bonds end up costing […]

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August 1, 20083 Comments

Los Angeles, CA. The FULL DISCLOSURE NETWORK® presents an exclusive video report covering Hispanic politicians adding more fuel to the racial conflict by further dividing the races in their opening dedication ceremony for the new “Vista Hermosa” park in downtown Los Angeles. The park is immediately adjacent to the Belmont Learning Center which is expected to open for […]

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July 26, 2008One Comment

Los Angeles, CA  The Full Disclosure Network® presents a seven minute preview video from a two-part series entitled “Belmont Opens: Toxic or Not?”   The billion dollar high school that was built on top of the “old Los Angeles Oil Field” is about to open to students for the first time since this controversial school construction project began almost two decades ago.  Renamed for […]

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September 1, 2007One Comment

Orange County, CA: Parents, taxpayers and Americans who have been frustrated with the leadership of their local School Boards, can look to South Orange County California for what will surely be a text book case for how to conduct a complete political revolution, using the democratic process. The Full Disclosure Network®(FDN) presents a FREE eight minute Internet […]

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