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TJ Johnston

May 22, 2017No Comments

Pictured above are the foreign journalists attending FDN Presentation by Guest speaker Assistant LAPD Chief (ret) David Gascon (center) and FDN Secretary Lorraine Colich (Left), Executive Producer Leslie Dutton (right). WATCH FDN VIDEO OF: The International Visitors Council of Los Angeles & US State Department meeting with 24 journalists from foreign countries at the Full […]

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March 22, 2017No Comments

Traffic Gridlock Disaster in LA How Are Elections Rigged? Second Look: Debate Over Media Ethics (#92) Second Look: Voter Insecurity In SoCal Stanley Sheinbaum Public Access TV Champion Passes “Judicial Watch vs State Department” Paul Orfanedes On Email Scandal How to Stop Traffic Gridlock! James A Thomas Authority Cannot Exceed its Source: USA collective State? […]

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February 15, 2017One Comment

Who Is  to Blame? Series Trailer 5 min Los Angeles, CA    Ordinary Citizens, Giants of Industry, Public and Civil Servants  provide their perspective in this on going-series that explores the cause  and development of L A’s reputation for having the worst traffic gridlock in the nation.   In spite of billions of dollars of […]

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November 3, 2016One Comment

LA County employees being trained as poll workers The entire structure of our democratic process requires honest and dependable voting systems that are employed by honest and dependable people so that informed citizens can vote for the people and propositions that best represent their interests. Are the systems vulnerable to manipulation? Are the people who […]

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October 14, 2016No Comments

Are There Media Ethics? LAPD Commander David Gascon, Leslie Dutton, CBS Newscaster Harvey Levin How much does the public trust what’s being presented by mainstream media? Twenty-two years after Full Disclosure first recorded this episode “Are there Media Ethics?” featuring CBS Newscaster Harvey Levin and LAPD’s Commander of Public Affairs and Communications, Dave Gascon. The […]

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July 22, 2016No Comments

G. EDWARD GRIFFIN was FDN’s featured speaker on June 16th, as we presented another of our Critical Issues Executive Luncheons. It’s an opportunity for leaders, lecturers, politicians and others to learn about and discuss “critical issues” facing our community. Griffin was adamant that government in the USA is a collective democratic state, when it should […]

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April 30, 2016No Comments

The News Behind the news: Willie Williams LAPD’s First Political Police Chief  (1943-2016). In commemoration of the passing of former LAPD Chief Willie Williams the Full Disclosure Network (FDN) known as “The News Behind the News”(TM) is re-releasing this exclusive 1995 video interview.   In this interview Williams describes the political issues he faced during his first […]

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April 22, 2016One Comment

Behind Closed Doors Alarm bells rang during this one hour presentation of graphs and quotes from studies prepared by economic experts as guest Speaker H. Andrew Thornburg, a Corporate Turn-Around Expert, established a strong case that the L A City Council failed to seek full examination of the economic consequences surrounding their $15 Minimum Wage […]

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January 22, 2016No Comments

Full Disclosure Network (FDN) Exclusive video coverage with law enforcement officials reveals historical anguishing debate over public policy. Watch the Program Here:   Link to FDN Newsletter 1-25-16 FDN interviews with law enforcement officials provide a candid view of the impact that politics has on public safety, corruption in public school construction and how America […]

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December 27, 20153 Comments

Guest Speaker:  Global media technology expert Fred Fourcher (CEO Bitcentral) Watch the Video Report ( 10 minutes) Full Disclosure Network (FDN) has accomplished much in 2015 as described in this video by Leslie Dutton Host and Executive Producer. Also featured are speakers at our December 13th holiday event Paul Orfanedes, Litigation Director of Judicial Watch and […]

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