Traffic Gridlock Disaster in LA

February 15, 2017One Comment

LA Traffic Disaster

LA Traffic Disaster

Who Is  to Blame?

Series Trailer 5 min

Los Angeles, CA    Ordinary Citizens, Giants of Industry, Public and Civil Servants  provide their perspective in this on going-series that explores the cause  and development of L A’s reputation for having the worst traffic gridlock in the nation.   In spite of billions of dollars of  taxpayer funds having been pledged and spent over decades, solutions to the gridlock problem have proved to be elusive, while conflicting strategies continue to confound city fathers.

NOTE: Episodes may be updated dependent on events.

Episode One: Overview
An in depth look at the traffic crisis in LA
Episode Two: Developed or Overdeveloped?
What’s the problem in Los Angeles?  Some say politicans are in league with developers, that overdevelopment has led to the crisis.  We interview some of the players and dreamers in LA’s traffic nightmare.
Episode Three: Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows
How politics has created a city where it can take an hour to go a few blocks.
Episode Four: Negative Impact
A look at how government seeks to control citizens lives by slowing down traffic and forcing people out of their cars.
Episode Five: Solutions
Solutions and ideas to fix the problem as presented by the players themselves.  From Jim Thomas’ FAST, to Yes on S, what’s the best solution?
Episode Six: Conclusions
There may not be a conclusion, but FDN will recap this informative series and give viewers insight into the problem and what’s being done RIGHT NOW.
Appearing in this  Trailer are  
Jill Stewart,  Yes on S Committee to Preserve L A
H. Andrew Thornburg, Investor, Verture Capitalist
Jack Humphreville, Principle Target Media Partners
Richard Close, Sherman Oaks Homeowners Assn.
John B. Kilroy, Sr. Founder Kilroy Industries
James A. Thomas, Founder, and Thomas Partners Group
David J. Gascon, LAPD Assistant Chief (retired)

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  1. joebanana | April 5, 2017 | Permalink Reply

    IMHO the major cause of the gridlock is all the trucks. They need their own roads, separate from the rest of the normal idiots. And better collision response. One accident can tie up multiple freeways, and surface roads for hours. I used to commute from Rialto to Wilmington, and on some day’s (especially the Friday before a holiday weekend) that 75 miles would take up to 4 hours. And if I didn’t give myself an extra hour in the mornings, I would be late. Sometimes I wouldn’t get on the freeway at all, and just take surface streets the whole way.

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