How Are Elections Rigged?

November 3, 2016One Comment


LA County employees being trained as poll workers

The entire structure of our democratic process requires honest and dependable voting systems that are employed by honest and dependable people so that informed citizens can vote for the people and propositions that best represent their interests. Are the systems vulnerable to manipulation? Are the people who deploy those systems accountable for assuring the firmware and software do not manipulate the votes cast on those systems. Are the poll workers free of any motivation to alter the votes cast in their precincts? Are the voters literate enough to understand the values represented by candidates and able to understand how local propositions will affect their communities?

Full Disclosure has investigated the ease with which motivated people could easily sway local, state and even national elections. With testimony from Congress and the California Secretary of State, the vulnerabilities of the Sequoia electronic voting machines used in California and across the country are explained and demonstrated. Plus Full Disclosure challenges the accountability of poll workers to assure the machines are not tampered with. And finally, the literacy of the voters is at an all-time low, as Alex Alexieve points out, with the deluge of illiterate people coming across our borders.

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  1. joebanana | April 4, 2017 | Permalink Reply

    “Russian hacking” is a farce. Podesta used the password “password”” for his email account. An 8 year old could have “hacked” the account and Wikileaks did the good service of publishing the garbage that the Demoncraps[ sic] thought they could keep secret. If anybody is held to account for Hitlery’s loss, it should be Podesta, and Hitlery. There couldn’t have been a worse candidate for the Demoncraps[sic]. A known pathological liar, a crime family boss, and an all around repulsive person was what they threw Bernie under the bus for, and it came back with a vengeance.
    Then there’s the issue of illegal aliens voting……but that’s a whole story in itself.

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