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Second Look: Debate Over Media Ethics (#92)

October 14, 2016One Comment

Are There Media Ethics?


LAPD Commander David Gascon, Leslie Dutton, CBS Newscaster Harvey Levin

How much does the public trust what’s being presented by mainstream media? Twenty-two years after Full Disclosure first recorded this episode “Are there Media Ethics?” featuring CBS Newscaster Harvey Levin and LAPD’s Commander of Public Affairs and Communications, Dave Gascon. The public perceptions that the media is untrustworthy persist today (see link to Rasmussen poll below). This discussion reveals some of the reasons why. Commander Gascon and Mr. Levin’s honest, and sometimes lively interchange, is as relevant today as it was when it first aired in 1994.

Levin and Gascon both rose to the highest levels of their professions: Levin  as the founder of the successful TMZ Tabloid News and Commander Gascon rose to Assistant Chief of the LAPD . The program Moderator Leslie Dutton was awarded a Public Affairs Emmy in 2001 for Full Disclosure’s “The News Behind the News” cable television show.

Watch the full program here:

See Rasmussen Report

1 comment to “Second Look: Debate Over Media Ethics (#92)”

  1. Kirk Schwoebel | October 15, 2016 | Permalink Reply

    Is anything about America “trustworthy”? We have a career criminal Presidential candidate who’s the subject of 4 criminal investigations. She lied under oath to Congress, and we have a DOJ who conspires to obstruct justice with the FBI in these “investigations”. And the “mainstream” media ignores this epic corruption in our government.
    Anybody familiar with the Richard Fine scandal understands just how corrupt and untrustworthy our entire “judicial system” is. And the mainstream media ignores that too. Obama has never told the truth about anything, and the media ignores that. So, yeah they’re extremely untrustworthy.

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