Hillary’s E-mail Scandal #669

April 1, 2015One Comment

The News Behind the news: Paul Orfanedes of Judicial Watch explains how they discovered Hillary’s private server where she has illegally hidden her State Department e-mails.


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Judicial Watch has been relentless in their pursuit of the State Department E-mails to get to the root of the Benghazi incident. The State Department indicated that they fully complied with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests by Judicial Watch. But some of the E-mails were observed to be sent from a non-State Department server. In fact, Judicial Watch they discovered that several people, including the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were using a private E-mail server that was beyond the reach of their FOIA requests. Judicial Watch filed a motion to re-open the lawsuit alleging fraud, misrepresentation, and misconduct. Interestingly the State Department did not oppose their motion, obviously indicated they knew they had been caught. Further, did Mrs. Clinton–as the law requires–turn over to the State Department all relevant communications as part of her termination from the Department? Judicial Watch is attempting to find out.

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  1. joebanana | April 4, 2015 | Permalink Reply

    What kind of criminal cartel government do we have here? Why hasn’t Hitlery been arrested? Why hasn’t the fraud obama been arrested? Why hasn’t our conspiring congress been arrested? So far they’re guilty of obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit fraud, dereliction of duty, aiding and abetting, and perjury for violating their oaths of office. How many more crimes do they have to commit?

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