Energy Politics #667

April 8, 2015One Comment

The News Behind the News: Energy has become the new weapon of the 21st Century. It is used to leverage treaties, agreements and alliances.

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“Russia is a banana republic with oil and gas.” So says international security expert Alex Alexiev in this third Critical Issues Briefing Series. Russia has been using covert pressure to turn Europe away from fracking to assure that Russia will maintain its revenue stream by selling oil and gas to Europe. According to Mr. Alexiev, the United States has turned the energy industry upside down due to hydraulic fracturing by becoming the world’s largest energy producer. In contradiction to the dire predictions that the world would run out of fossil fuels, American ingenuity has increased fossil fuel production by more the 80%. As he points out, this is an American phenomenon, based solely on the concept of private property rights combined with American Capitalism.

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  1. Fracking, oil | April 12, 2015 | Permalink Reply

    Great job! Anything coming on confiscation of our bank accounts and 401k? Keep up the great work, Leslie.

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