The ONLY Debate in the LA Sheriff’s Race

October 22, 2014One Comment

Tempers Fly as Sheriff Candidates Todd Rogers and Paul Tanaka swap insults in two separate interviews that provide a striking contrast of views with animosity.  First they disagree on Sheriff Baca’s role in the alleged obstruction of justice issues now taking place in Federal Court, Second they tangle over their roles in the Budget process and relations with the Board of Supervisors. Rogers continues to attack Tanaka claiming he and Baca should both be indicted for their roles in the current scandal and he claims to have “inside knowledge” and details of the obstruction of justice.  Tanaka suggests that Rogers should go before the Grand Jury if he has inside knowledge. Rogers claims that U S Assistant Attorney “outed” Tanaka as being a “subject” of the investigation. but they agreed that the Federal Trial was not manipulated by power brokers and influential backers supporting front runner Jim McDonnell.

Watch the entire program here:

1 comment to “The ONLY Debate in the LA Sheriff’s Race”

  1. Daniel B | October 27, 2014 | Permalink Reply

    It is important that which ever candidate wins the one who is elected, the one who we should vote for must be a constitutional Sheriff.

    What does a constitutional Sherriff look like…… ???

    One who will take the office and “stand up for the people,” even when it is against the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT!

    See Sherriff Mack in…. Mack/Printz v. USA

    Peacefully, & Thankfully,

    Disabled Justice

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