Should Rogers Have Won the Sheriff Election? #660-1

June 25, 2014One Comment

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Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers was appointed to his position by Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca after Baca told Under-Sheriff Paul Tanaka that he had to go. Rogers divulges startling allegations against Tanaka by numerous fellow officers over the years, warning Baca that Tanaka “was a cancer in the Sheriff’s Department.” Rogers states that Baca revealed he had made a lot of mistakes and needed to trust Rogers, offering him the position of Assistant Sheriff to help Baca fix the department. Rogers said he searched his soul, but didn’t sell it, and that he had come to the conclusion that he needed to run against Baca because of Baca’s lack of oversight and failure to lead the department. Rogers said that while Baca backed him to run for Sheriff, he also backed two other individuals to run for the position. Rogers said he disagreed, and that one individual should have been chosen that could best lead the department.

1 comment to “Should Rogers Have Won the Sheriff Election? #660-1”

  1. Sheriff's runoff | June 28, 2014 | Permalink Reply

    hello answer the sheriff’s runoff. I find it very hard ieve that anyone can be trusted. after each and every one has retired now the dirty laundry surfacing. if Rogers is the best fix and referred by ex sheriff Baca, I truly worried about his credentials. everyone went along to get along then entire correction, all of the ranking members down to the sergeant, protect the illegal acts and corruption. you need to understand how systems this is and how wide the concerns are. Citizen law enforcement interface/interaction. the highly involved sheriff involve shooting over the years all covered up by the reasoning of the sheriff’s department. its like getting a totally rotten apple, and seeing what else can you make from it.
    The law, government, federal government, and local legislature seems to be able to do nothing about.

    the full use of military equipment,down to the full uniform where only deadly shots are made.
    there is only one stark reality that remains, when do we as citizens say enough and put our feet down.
    prosecute these individuals,don’t let them off with a hefty retirement. it seems like everyone wants to talk about it but that’s it not doing nothing about it just talk about it.

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