Olmsted: The 2014 Jail Reform Candidate Pt 1 #658

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Usually full programs are only available to our “Full Disclosure Insiders” members. Due to the importance and timeliness of this issue, we are making the full 6 segments of the interview available to everybody.    

Segments 1-3  are below
Segments 4-6 use link at bottom of this page

 Olmsted: The 2014 Jail Reform Candidate

Bob Olmsted is a retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Commander who reported corruption and mismanagement before the Jail Commission hearings. He describes his career experience and his 2014 candidacy for L A. County Sheriff here in the first of six segments of a in-depth interview on Full Disclosure Network(R). He gives his assessment of the other candidates in the race.



LA Sheriff Politics: Does Baca Still Influence LASD?

In this Segment #2 of 6,  It is noted that Sheriff Leroy Baca resigned from office but still has continuing influence over the L A County Sheriff’s Department and the 2014 election to replace him. Bob Olmsted talks about Baca’s influence and the mismanagement of the department that caused him to become a candidate. Olmsted claims that returning to “Core Values” and adhering to the Constitution will help to reform the department.



Sheriff Politics, Lower Hiring Standards

In this segment #3 of 6 segments covers how the lowering of hiring standards for Deputy Sheriffs has proved disastrous for the L A County Sheriff’s Dept. according to former Commander Bob Olmsted. He describes the horror stories that resulted from hiring people with criminal records and manipulating the hiring system. He says gang members with Tattoos should not be hired and believes that gang members working within the department is unacceptable.

View Part 2 (Segments 4-5-6) from this link here.

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