Judicial Watch Reveals Court Dirty Deeds #615-2

February 25, 2014Comments are closed.

Program Preview:

Paul Orfanedes, Litigation Director for Judicial Watch, states that Judicial Watch has established the framing all kinds of laws regarding the Freedom of Information Act. Orfanedes cites the Sturgeon II vs. LA County case, regarding judges receiving double benefits above and beyond their salaries from LA County Supervisors. He notes that the California Constitution requires the legislature to set compensation, and that the court hired lobbyists for legislative changes, resulting in SBX 211.

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  1. Dylan Brewster-Buckley | April 15, 2014 | Permalink

    I’m very worried and I am dumb founded that such a lack of interest in law by the people of the state of California has come about. Please copy and paste this link to hear what our former President John F. Kennedy was trying to tell us Americans about the infiltration of treasonous officials in our government. http://youtu.be/xmRJSEKKiU0

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