Ethics Officer Reveals LASD Corruption & Inmate Beatings #647-1

January 7, 20142 Comments

Program Preview:


Segment 1: Ethics Officer Reveals LASD Corruption & Inmate Beatings

Lt. Patrick Gomez, a veteran  Ethics Training Officer, retired after 31 years with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is appalled by the rampant beatings of inmates by deputies, and serious misconduct and abuse of taxpayer money by Sheriff Lee Baca and Under Sheriff Paul Tanaka. He describes the first hand vicious retaliatory treatment dished out by the Department.  He is currently running for Sheriff for the third time, his first run was in 2002.  He learned that to speak out was dangerous to his career, when he was refused promotion for being  disloyalty to “Baca” in violation of his First Amendment Rights .  This  ethics officer was compelled to file a lawsuit in 2004  and after continued threats and harassment by fellow deputies, which continued for eight years he won a unanimous jury decision and was promoted as ordered by the Court.


Segment 2: $Million Dollar Settlements….Tip of The Iceberg For Taxpayers

647-2 Pt. 1, Segment 2: Gomez discloses the astounding amount of legal fees approved by Sheriff Baca from his annual budget, that was over and above the $950,000 settlement for his retaliation lawsuit against Sheriff Baca, Under Sheriff Larry Waldie.  Gomez divulges that he and his family were victimized by brutal phone threats that were followed, cars parked outside his home with people watching and following him, and having neighbors turned against him.  This unparalleled campaign to intimidate him over a period of 8 years. Gomez charges that Baca didn’t care about dragging the lawsuit out over a the eight years, costing the taxpayers an estimated two million. He explains that as Sheriff, he will hold everyone accountable.


Segment 3: Baca and Tanaka’s Lack of Moral Leadership

647-3 Pt. 1, Segment 3: Gomez states that he’s running for Sheriff because the public needs someone who doesn’t owe anyone anything. He discusses the lack of moral leadership and fiscal irresponsibility by Baca and Tanaka, the corruption, and obstruction of justice in hiding an FBI informant to keep him from providing evidence against the LASD. Gomez explains that unqualified individuals with criminal backgrounds were hired to meet Baca’s quota. He calls the claim of overcrowding in the jails false, that the lack of staff is the problem, and outlines why Baca made a mistake in closing a women’s jail that is now just used to film movies and cannot be re-opened without bringing the building up to code.

2 comments to “Ethics Officer Reveals LASD Corruption & Inmate Beatings #647-1”

  1. J Nahhas | January 8, 2014 | Permalink Reply

    Sheriff Lee Baca announced his retirement yesterday, January 7, 2014. The “code of silence” and Tanaka’s “operating in the grey area” away from the Use of Force Manuals will continue, unfortunately. Max Huntsman will not be a guy that will rein in on the LASD’s falsifying documents, planting evidence, and other atrocities that have been committed. There is a strong likelihood that the 18 Federal Indictments just handed down upon Sheriff’s Deputies in the Custody Division will grow to a much larger number. The “CULTURE” must be changed!

  2. Bonnie | January 14, 2014 | Permalink Reply

    With the officers acquitted of beating Kelly Thomas to a pulp the U.S. will only become worse as a nation.
    If we can’t trust our Law Enforcement officers and their bosses we now live in an atrocious horrible country
    We are now (in my opinion) a Third world nation.
    I never thought I would live to see this in the United States.

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