Lenient Traffic Laws in LA for Illegal Drivers #646-1

November 5, 20132 Comments

646-1 Orfanedes

Paul Orfanedes, Litigation Director of Judicial Watch, explains how the LAPD crafted its own law for  towing and impounding vehicles of illegal immigrants, Special Order 7, because the LAPD and Mayor Villaraigosa didn’t like the state law.

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2 comments to “Lenient Traffic Laws in LA for Illegal Drivers #646-1”

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  2. Bonnie | November 6, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Someone sent me an email claiming that one of Mexico’s drug cartels is paying off officials in the United States
    for leniency for illegal aliens?
    This subject makes me wonder if it’s true?

    Americans should stop taking this C*** from anyone! Deport and arrest all illegal aliens in the U.S.
    Americans are sick of this unwanted problem!

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