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LAPD Undermining the Rule of Law #646-2

November 27, 20133 Comments

Program Preview:


Paul Orfanedes, Litigation Director of Judicial Watch, notes that traffic and vehicle laws are state-regulated. He states that the LAPD is undermining the Rule of Law and the Constitution with Special Order 7, even asking a judge to stay judgment until ruling on an appeal.

Full Program Segment #2

3 comments to “LAPD Undermining the Rule of Law #646-2”

  1. […] a law that violates California’s state-regulated traffic and vehicle laws. Watch the 1-minute preview video here in the second of three segments of a Full Disclosure Network(R) TV-Internet Series featuring Paul […]

  2. Jane Barton | December 1, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    What’s with this guy’s snide remark about OBAMA. Obama had NOTHING to do with this, VILLAGAROSA DID. HE was the one who decided to let unlicensed undocumented illegal aliens BREAK THE LAW and get away with it. OBAMA DOES UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION, VILLAGAROSA DID NOT. Get your FACTS STRAIGHT and CALL THIS GUY DOWN ON HIS LIES.

  3. […] a law that violates California's state-regulated traffic and vehicle laws. Watch the 1-minute preview video here in the second of three segments of a Full Disclosure Network(R) […]

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