Attorneys MUM: Why Case Against Baca-Tanaka “Dismissed With Prejudice”, Now Represent Tanaka’s Supporters

October 13, 20134 Comments

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Bradley Gage and Terry Goldberg
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The “bad blood” between Los Angeles County Sheriff Leroy Baca and his former Under-Sheriff Paul Tanaka that prompted Tanaka being forced into retirement causing unrest within the high command of the Department.  Additionally, an on-going investigation is being conducted by the U. S. Department of Justice where indictments are expected to be announced by December.  Meanwhile the bad blood feud between Sheriff Baca and his second in command is fueling a legal battle that promises to reveal the dirty secrets, sexual harassment cases, over $100 million in settlements paid out to LASD employees suing each other and the county, plus outright corruption in the Sheriff’s Department that apparently stretches from the lowly custody Deputies all the way to the top of the Chain of Command. Full Disclosure Network® is closely following the developments as they occur and has released a series of reports soon to be followed by one-on-one  interviews with former high members of the Chain of Command for cable TV and Internet viewing.

Baca-Tanaka Blood Feud A Campaign Tactic?.

Baca-Tanaka Blood Feud A Campaign Tactic?.

How Many Sheriff’s Dept. Employees  Supporting Candidate Paul Tanaka, Will Sign On to The Baca Retaliation Lawsuit?

Will the  Los Angeles Superior Court become a stage for a political campaign action whereby  L A County Employees of the Sheriff”s Department will seek the Judge and or a Jury to  endorse Tanaka by condemning Baca for punishing Tanka’s political supporters?.  Will this be a ” first” time ever that Los Angeles Superior Court has been used by a political campaign to ask for an opinion that would validate one candidate over the other?  Will the Paul Tanaka or Leroy Baca be validated by a Court decision to the detriment of other candidates  who have no baggage?

Strange Bedfellows?    Brad Gage to Represent Tanaka’s  political friends and associates in lawsuit against Baca-LASD.  Will  Gage’s  other Retaliation case against Baca and Tanaka, cause Rathbun and Sexton, to join them by dropping their opposition to Tanaka?

As reported on October 9, 2013 on the website, reported that: “Bradley Gage has just moved  the case (Rathbun-Sexton)  from federal to State Court.”  The primary focus of the coverage related to attorney Gage and the announcement that he will take up the cause of Paul Tanaka representing his political friends and associates against Baca and the Sheriff’s Department on matters of retaliation, presumably due to their political support for Tanaka.  This at the same time he is representing Deputy’ Rathbun and Sexton case against Tanaka and  Baca.


Observers are wondering why the young  L A County  Deputy Sheriffs  Michael  Rathbun and James
Sexton allowed their attorney to file notice with the Court to  “Dismiss with Prejudice” their Federal Lawsuit against
Sheriff Baca, Under Sheriff Paul Tanaka, Lt. Greg Thompson, and Detective Perkins…..and to take up the cause
of Paul Tanaka and his friends and associates.  Full Disclosure® has been unable to reach the deputies,
and e-mails sent to three attorneys at the Law firm of Goldberg and Gage have received no response to that question.


The criminal violations cited in the case Rathbun vs.  L A County Sheriff Leroy Baca, et. al. Verified Complaint in  the 67 pages describe fifteen causes of action that include  horrendous mismanagement, egregious and intolerable conditions in the L.A. County Jail, as well as threats to themselves and other similarly situated persons. Considering the fact that these two Deputy Sheriffs testified before a Federal Grand Jury as stated in the Verified complaint, on the same issues and were vetted by the FBI and deemed credible, why would their  attorney, Bradley Gage, dismiss their lawsuit “with prejudice?”


Full Disclosure Network® has learned from experts, on behalf of L A County, that plaintiffs state court
action alleging same criminal violations under state law may be barred by a judgment or
a dismissal with prejudice due to a prior Federal Court action.  Citing California Court of Appeal’s decision in
(Johnson vs. American Airlines, Inc. (1984) 157 Cal.App.3rd 427) that state action was challenging the
same violations under federal  law. (ID. at 433.)  The court reasoned that the “primary right”
allegedly violated in the state court action was the same as that asserted in the prior federal court action.”

Definitions of “Dismissal With Prejudice” (or Without Prejudice)

According to Wikipedia  “Dismissed with prejudice”  is considered ….  “ an action taken with prejudice
indicates misconduct on the part of the party who filed the claim and forbids that party from re-filing the case.”  “The parties to the legal action may agree to a voluntary dismissal with prejudice if
they settled the matter before it got in front of a judge…….. If the lawsuit goes to court and a judgment
is handed down, the matter is considered a dismissal with prejudice. When it is settled out of court, the
plaintiff is better protected if the action is dismissed without prejudice.” With prejudice means that the plaintiff cannot re-file the case again. Without prejudice
means that the plaintiff may correct whatever mistake the case had the first time around and then re-file.

4 comments to “Attorneys MUM: Why Case Against Baca-Tanaka “Dismissed With Prejudice”, Now Represent Tanaka’s Supporters”

  1. Jane Barton | October 14, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    We all KNOW something CROOKED is going on. The real question is WHY is LOS ANGELES continuing to ALLOW the
    HORRENDOUS, EGREGIOUS and INTOLERABLE CONDITIONS IN L.A. COUNTY JAIL? Are we living in a third world country or what? America IMPRISONS more people for piddly shit than ALL OTHER COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD, more than CHINA OR THE MIDDLE EAST. We are living in a POLICE STATE. The POLICE are OUT OF CONTROL. The LAPD NOW shoots little old ladies in TORRANCE who “look like” a 280 lb black guy and pump 102 bullets into their TRUCK. The LAPD’s new “SHOOT TO KILL” policy allows cops to shoot black ppl in the BACK and walk away with no reprisals. At least in Rodney King’s day the cops planted some “evidence” after they murdered ppl. Now LAPD murder ppl and get away with it. How about those 6 cops that murdered the poor sick homeless kid in Fullerton last year, kicked and tazed him to death laying on the ground on his STOMACH crying for his DAD? The LAPD are heartless killers and their police chiefs are NAZIS. Make no mistake about it, NONE of us is safe any more. Think just cause you’re WHITE they will “protect” you? Protect and Serve, my ass. We are living in Nazi Germany.

  2. Jane Barton | October 26, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Am I the only one in LOS ANGELES who is concerned about our CROOKED GOVT OFFICIALS getting away with BRUTALITY AND MURDER OF THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY? Where are the rest of the comments?

  3. George Buzzetti | October 26, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    No matter what it looks like now experience has taught me in situations like this especially with the prejudice to wait until we see the real documents and actions and filings all together to see what really happened. Yes, we are a criminal lawless society now unless you are wealthy and/or powerful. Still, I do not rush to judgement until I have it all in front of me as I have been fooled at the last minute and have been glad I did not go out until I had it all together as in the Deasy and iPad thing. Suddenly today at 12:24 the Diane Ravich Blog with 7,000,000 hits in 18 months shut down. I am sure it is what is going on in the Deasy iPad deal with what we have been doing to them. Buy stock in Depends.

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