Government Cannot Process 11 Million Illegal Aliens #643-2

October 8, 20133 Comments

643-2 Alex

Program Preview:

Alex Alexiev international security expert, former analyst with Rand Corporation, and Vice President of research and development with the Center for Security Policy in D.C., warns that the government expense to process millions of illegal aliens is huge, and that they will become customers of the welfare program as they did in 1986/87. He asks which department will be responsible for the processing this gargantuan task, questions the efficiency required. Alexiev dismisses study as bogus that tax base will increase with amnesty.

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3 comments to “Government Cannot Process 11 Million Illegal Aliens #643-2”

  1. blondiqt | October 13, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    “Our” chances of “survival”? That sounds like we’ve been attacked by Mormons from outer space. My question is:
    How have we “survived” up until now? Big Ag, OUR GOVT, are the ones who OPENED THE BORDERS and let
    in 11 mil Mexicans. Why don’t you force BIG AG to pay illegals LIVING WAGES so they don’t HAVE TO GO ON FOOD STAMPS? Big Ag, OUR GOVT, CAUSED THIS. My whole neighborhood is full of illegal aliens and they have NEVER been a THREAT TO MY SURVIVAL. They want to EAT and live in a HOUSE just like me. Is that a THREAT? This Alex dude is a fear mongerer like ALL Republicans. He lives on the hill in a $2 million dollar mansion, right? Looking down on us riff raff.
    Giving 11 mil illegals citizenship would boost the economy, force them to pay TAXES, force them to get INSURANCE just like the rest of us Americans. As it is NOW illegals get everything FREE cause the LAW says nobody can even ASK for a GREEN CARD. If they were made CITIZENS, they would lose those “benefits” and have to pay just like the rest of us.
    Citizenship is good for all of us.

  2. Women (1) | September 1, 2014 | Permalink Reply

    Rice, who was considered a likely nominee to replace Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, has been attacked by Republican lawmakers for on Sept. 16 that all indications were the attack “began spontaneously” – suggesting it likely sprang from a protest against an anti-Muslim video found on the Internet. Protests of that nature had been seen in other Muslim nations in the days and weeks before the Benghazi attack.

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