Phoenix Defrauds Stimulus: Phony Kidnap Stats VB#123

September 25, 20135 Comments

VB123 Phoenix Fraud

Paul Orfanedes Litigation Director for JUDICIAL WATCH describes how they prevailed in their lawsuit against city of Phoenix whereby phony statistics were used to claim Phoenix as the “Kidnap Capital of the World” in their grant application to the Federal Government. They received millions of dollars of stimulus money for lying to the Feds.  After exposing the fraud Sgt, Roberts was suspended from his position, but no other city officials were punished. The Chief of Police resigned as a result but is  and is still receiving his full pension.  Sgt.  Roberts was reinstated to his position as a result of the Judicial Watch lawsuit.


5 comments to “Phoenix Defrauds Stimulus: Phony Kidnap Stats VB#123”

  1. blondiqt | September 26, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    1. No
    2. Yes

    Govt corruption has gotten too far out of control. The taxpayers have no protection any more. We
    are being robbed, screwed and tatooed. Govt officials and the police department have turned into Sanduskys.
    Throw them in jail.

  2. […] The City of Phoenix had touted itself as the “Kidnap Capital” of the USA. Watch the 1-minute preview video here from the latest release in a Full Disclosure Network(R) TV-Internet Series featuring Paul […]

  3. stupidamerkin | September 27, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    No big deal. It’s all just business as usual. If you get your hand caught in the cookie jar you just resign and move to another official position so you can continue with your practice of fraud, corruption and even murder if necessary.

  4. As above | September 30, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    How amazing! Here is the now all too common behaviour of those who actually think that the Law & Legal Statutes have to be obeyed by everyone who is not part of the ‘ Elite Ruling Class’ ; indeed, if an ordinary Citizen commits a fraud you can be sure that the full measure of the Law will be applied . It is sad but, at the same time not surprising that this goes on, moreover, Citizens can see this happening at all Gov’ levels so the lesson here appears to be, ‘ if those Chaps can get away with it, why not us/me?” The real problem is that Folks like me, keep voting for this Kabal to do it all over again! If we the Citizens carry on voting ( rewarding), the same old crew, this is what we will get. Although I do not reside in the US(USSA), I see this at all levels of Gov in the UK( disunited Kingdom/falling apart ),what no longer shocks me is that we are so used to seeing this type of activity, it is now seen as normal that so called ‘ public officials’ do this type of thing in the open, only resigning on the most serious allegations ; moreover, if they resign they can keep their Pension entitlements , often get a final payment, then they ‘ run-away’ to live on the Mediterranean coast where nobody knows them. This has become the norm now and until ‘ we the People’ change, nothing else will change. If we tolerate this type of behaviour, that is what we will get. It is that simple…..thanks….Abe

  5. k smith | September 30, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    1. No
    2. YES

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