DHS Made Up Bogus Charges in Cover-up #637-3

September 4, 20136 Comments

637-3 JuliaProgram Preview:


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Segment 3: Julia Davis, a former U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer, and her husband, producer BJ Davis, tell the harrowing story that began on the Fourth of July, 2004 when she followed the rules of her job, and reported 23 people from terrorist countries crossing the border into the U.S, leading to her being targeted as a whistleblower by the Department of Homeland Security. Julia a naturalized citizen, said she was branded as a domestic terrorist for doing her job, and that the government bypassed the U.S. Constitutional rights guaranteed to all Americans by accusing her of paying her husband of 20 years to marry her and trying to deport her. She said The Patriot Act was used for warrantless surveillance on her and her family. Julia describes numerous other false charges against her, and how a chief judge wanted to dismiss all charges against her, but was opposed by the government.

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6 comments to “DHS Made Up Bogus Charges in Cover-up #637-3”

  1. […] Customs and Border Protection Officer Julia Davis and her husband, movie producer BJ Davis, in a one minute video preview as Julia, a naturalized citizen, continues sharing the startling disclosures of being branded a […]

  2. […] organization that the video links in the first paragraph were incorrect and should point to “http://www.fulldisclosure.net/2013/09/dhs-made-up-bogus-charges-in-cover-up-637-3/“. The complete, corrected release […]

  3. joebanana | September 5, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Thanks FDN for the stories we don’t hear otherwise. Are there no depths our criminal regime wont sink to? We have a tyrannical form of government, worse than the King we broke free from. Tax’s are way higher, the courts are corrupt, the public servants, don’t. Police are eight times more deadly than foreign terrorists, perhaps the militarization has some effect, negatively. Declaring returning vets “potential threats” and citizens “enemy combatants”, “radical extremists”, “homegrown terrorists” and worse, is an outrage, and unacceptable from the underboss’s in the white house. Speaking of which, how about some exposure for Orly Taitz in her heroic battle to expose the fraud Obama? The man has an ongoing criminal investigation, with probable cause, and reasonable suspicion that a crime is in progress, but no official criminal complaint has been filed, yet. Obama has three alias’s, posted two forged birth certificates, uses a stolen SSN , that fails E-verify, posted a forged selective services registration, went to Harvard law school on a Baskin Robbins salary? This is the biggest national security threat we’ve ever faced, and it’s ignored. It’s all researchable, and documented. Just google “cold case posse”.

    • blondiqt | September 8, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Our govt are the real terrorists. But Obama is not responsible for the mess America is in, GW Bush and Dick Nazi Cheney are. They put America TRILLIONS in debt for an illegal war…for profit of Big Oil that resulted in the murder of millions of innocent ppl including 6,500 of our own children. Newly elected Obama came in looking at the murder scene. Obama is trying to pass a jobs bill and help the middle class but GOP Nazis in govt block him every inch of the way. Anybody who keeps spreading the Obama birther lie, like Donald Nazi Trump, are traitors to the American ppl.
      Obama didn’t start this fake “war on drugs” but I think he should end it. The Drug War has turned America into a police state with corrupt cops letting real terrorists into the country and the Mexican Drug Cartel taking over California.
      95% of the homicides in Los Angeles are done by illegal aliens who flee to Mexico. I live here and have watched
      how illegal aliens have taken over my town in the last five years. Obama needs to stop the expensive fake “drug war” that never worked anyway, legalize marijuana in America, take away the Mexican Drug Cartel’s profit and put it in state govt coffers to rebuild our infrastructure. It’s called “taxes”.

      • joebanana | September 8, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        “Birther lie”? Are you seriously that controlled, that you don’t have any questions as to his three alias’s, two forged birth certificates, a forged selective services registration, he is using a SSN not assigned to him, and it fails E-verify, he has a formal criminal investigation pending, with probable cause and reasonable suspicion that a crime is in progress, he has sealed his public documents, he went to Harvard law school on a Baskin Robbins salary, and he’s a pathological liar. What convinces you of his eligibility? All the evidence shows that he’s a fraud, beyond reasonable doubt, and not one shred disproves any of it. The reason the courts claim American citizens have no standing to challenge the presidents eligibility is, when this fraud is fully exposed, the entire government will be guilty of conspiring to commit fraud. ALL of them.
        And, Ronald, Judicial Watch won’t mention a word about this subject for some reason. I even emailed Tom twice asking him about it, and got no replies. Just sayin’.

  4. Ronald E. Pierce | September 5, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Well said. But don’t hold your breath FDN will cover Orly. FDN is too disappointing to ever cover her.

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