Court Rejects LAPD Impound Ban #VB122

August 16, 201315 Comments

VB122 Orfanedes on LAPD Impound

Los Angeles, CA    Judicial Watch Litigation Director Paul Orfanedes describes the legal battle to uphold the California State Constitution following an astonishing attempt by the Los Angeles Police Department to deviate from uniform state laws that govern the use of all motor vehicles, traffic and the flow of traffic.  As if it was a country separate and apart from the United States and  the State of California, the City of Los Angeles enacted a vehicle impound policy that would exempt unlicensed drivers from the mandatory impound policy in the state of California.   L A  City, under pressure from the immigrant rights lobby groups ACLU.  CHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrants Rights of L.A.) and La Voice, had pushed the City to enact a policy instructing  LAPD officers to ignore the State Law that requires them to confiscate automobiles of unlicensed drivers.  A superior Court Judge held that the policy was illegal and could only be changed by the State Legislature.   Following the Judicial decision, the ACLU and others immediately announced they would appeal the decision.   For some reason, the organizations prefer to settle the matter in the courts rather than the Legislature where the elected representatives of the citizens usually debate the issues then vote on whether to change the State Constitution.

15 comments to “Court Rejects LAPD Impound Ban #VB122”

  1. PJ | August 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Full Disclosure, et al

    Great job on dissecting the the special foreign interest infringement on our National security.

  2. Counsel | August 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    The problem with this article is the following: Uses the words Motorvehicles, which at California Vehicle Code section 260(a) defines a motorvehicle that is primarily when used to transport persons or property for any fare, fee, rate or other compensation is a vehicle required to be registered. Section 260(b) identifies vehicles when not used for transporting, are not motorvehicles that are subject to registration, licensing, insurance, same with 260(c). Hence, not all vehicles are motorvehicles.

    If you have problems with rogue cops, wrongful tickets contact: [email protected]

  3. Daniel Gottlieb | August 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    The skirting of the law is an epidemic in this Country. Look what happened to Marina del Rey. Look what happened to Richard Isaac Fine.It is now a matter of precedent not to follow laws you disagree with.

    • Diane | November 10, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      What happened to Marina Del Rey?

  4. blondiqt | August 25, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    The LAPD has been grossly skirting the law for decades but letting unlicensed drivers slide and not impounding cars of drug dealers is a threat to public safety. I was personally rear ended by an illegal alien without a driver’s license which caused $6,000 damage to my car. This is the first accident I was ever involved with in 40 years of driving. In my opinion everybody who drives a car should obey all laws of the state simply because cars can KILL and MAIM you. The LAPD has gone wild shooting up a pickup truck and 2 little old ladies that “looked like” a 280 lb black guy. The LAPD’s new SHOOT TO KILL policy violates a SUSPECT’S right to a fair trial. Dorner was hunted down like an animal and murdered. That was an atrocity. No matter what the crime, EVERYBODY deserves a FAIR TRIAL. In America a cop kills a black person every 28 HOURS and it’s NEVER ON THE NEWS and the black ppl killed NEVER GET A FAIR TRIAL. What’s happened in America is we have a POLICE STATE. It’s obvious the LAPD does whatever they want and get away with it. They stick together and lie for each other.

    Regarding this gentleman’s comment about Obamacare, he is lying. Greedy insurance companies refused ppl with
    pre-existing conditions. Obamacare forces insurance companies to accept pre-existing conditions, therefore Obamacare saved the lives of millions of cancer victims. What we really need in this country is single payer system.
    We already HAVE medicare & it works. Everybody should just go on medicare and be done with it. Greedy INSURANCE COMPANIES that DENY PPL and DENY PAYING is the REAL PROBLEM. Healthy ppl don’t NEED healthcare, SICK PPL DO and insurance companies refuse to PAY and ppl DIE. This guy is obviously a Republican and GOP hate Obama.
    Obama is trying to help the middle class and poor in this country. Romney and his corporate thieves sent all our jobs to China and caused the worst recession since 1929 throwing 101 million ppl into poverty. GOP white men HAVE jobs and they don’t care one bit that 101 mil ppl are working for slave wages. Obama is NOT the problem, GOP white men in Congress are BLOCKING a badly needed JOBS BILL which is exactly like the WPA during the 1929 depression.

    It’s the GOP who are warring on WOMEN and trying to abolish abortion. GOP Catholics in govt are implementing every one of Hitler’s policies of starving the poor. They’re trying to cut Social Security which all of us hard working ppl PAID INTO. GOP in govt are NAZIS and NAZIS are KILLERS. And the Dorner incident proved that the LAPD are full of
    Neo-Nazis. Anybody who says Obamacare is “unlawful” is ANTI-AMERICAN. Obamacare SAVES MILLIONS OF LIVES.

  5. Diane | August 26, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Everyone knew what would happen if Mexico came to the U.S.! I dreaded this happening to my wonderful United States!
    Now we have a lawless administration in the White House OH BROTHER!

  6. [email protected] | August 26, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Allowing an individual to change the rule of law is a dictatorship, not a democracy.
    LAPD rank and file have many barriers placed in their way like – special order 7 and a hands off the homeless.
    homeless have taken over our streets, our parks and our businesses.

    And it’s not just Los Angeles. No wonder California only gets back 75 cents of every dollar it pays in taxes to Washington

  7. Gary D. | August 26, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    1. No
    2.. No

  8. […] Court Rejects Local Ban On Auto Impound Policy for Unlicensed Drivers […]

  9. waynej | October 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    the lapd are a very corrupt force and the government should be doing everything in its power to stop
    these criminals with badges

    • Diane | November 10, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Please see the Clint Eastwood film THE CHANGELING!
      It’s the true story of the LAPD in the 1920’s that exposes the corruption of Los Angeles back then!
      The LAPD trying to look good amazingly tried to hand a mother whose son was kidnapped and murdered in “The Wineville Murders” a boy that was not her son! The police insisted the boy was her son!
      The woman didn’t buy it and when she tried to expose the lie she was forced into the nuthouse!

  10. [email protected] | October 18, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    With Chief Becks attempt to change this law, why would anyone in LA bother to obtain or continue to pay fees to maintain a license, and why even have a license requirement at all if a driver’s license requirement will be unenforced? License and registration fees will no doubt be going up so that the few honest people who, through payment of their license fees, can continue to subsidize those unlicensed individuals who use and contribute to the wear and tear of the roads, but who do not contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of the streets, roadways and infrastructure. More entitlement. An expansion of encouraging illegal presence in the country while turning a blind eye (for political expediency and political gain) to the fact that without contributing to taxes and obeying the law, we slide quickly further down a slope toward sheer and utter lawlessness just like Mejico! The take away is it is every man for himself? Only chumps play by the rules?

  11. Diane | November 10, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Los Angeles once the pride of California is now a rotten THIRD WORLD CORRUPT BLOWHOLE!

    And it started with Darryl Gates and Special order 40!

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