Blackhawk-SWAT Raid On DHS Whistleblowers #637-1

August 1, 20136 Comments


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Segment 1: Julia Davis, a former U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer, and her husband, producer BJ Davis, tell the harrowing story that began on the Fourth of July, 2004 when she followed the rules of her job, and reported 23 people from terrorist countries crossing the border into the U.S, leading to her being targeted as a whistleblower by the Department of Homeland Security. She describes the terrifying details of a Blackhawk helicopter and 27 agents with assault weapons landing in their yard and raiding their home.

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6 comments to “Blackhawk-SWAT Raid On DHS Whistleblowers #637-1”

  1. Diane | August 7, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Obviously this once wonderful Nation has been highjacked by the worst kind of monsters!
    I expect even worse times to come. And I love all the illegal aliens in California who will cause a world of trouble once
    this wacko in the White House yells Amnesty!

  2. Immunity | August 8, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Far from hijacked! This country has immunity from corrupt acts, see Bogan v. Scott-Harris U.S. 1998. The Eleventh Amendment to the Constitution is 200 years old and has been the right among officials that his permeated our government with officials who have no conscience to prevent them from violating human rights. They call it the over-deterrence theory. Even though it is only a theory, its by product cultivates a nation of corruption by preventing bad behavior from naturally culling officials. Its one of those government secrets hid right out in the open. What is wrong with USA who cannot comprehend this, I have no idea. I just know that if you study the 11th amendment you find that corruption is the right it creates. Yet people seem not to understand that removing immunity would benefit all over the few it protects.

  3. joebanana | August 9, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    So obviously she wasn’t arrested. If her house was raided, what were they looking for, Whistles? SWAT doesn’t arrive in helicopters, they drive their “armored personnel” carrier through the living-room wall, and shoot any dogs present. With or without a warrant. It’s against FAA regulations to land aircraft in residential areas, it’s also very dangerous. And how did they get 27 agents in one helicopter? The date say’s 2004, 9 years ago, before the war on whistle-blowers. What did the search warrant state as the “offense committed”? Her story doesn’t add up.

    • concernedcitizen | August 16, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Your eyes don’t lie. This is the government’s best kept secret. IT is an award winning documentarry and Full Disclosure only produces vetted storylines the MSM cannot and will not show. Google IMDB and type in the title: “Top Priority: The Terror Within”. Then be outraged after knowing more about the case and your tax dollars wasted. Whistleblowers have been aroud for years. Ever hear of Daniel Ellsberg, Frank Serpico? If you work for the govvernment as suspected. You would not care to know the facts. You are right about one thing – they did not have an FAA flight plan per court documents and the government said they did not need one. Two Blackhawks and eight cars, DHS, ICE, USMS and San Bernardino Sheriff Dept. More manpower than sent on the Bin Laden raid facade a la security theater 101. Don’t you feel safer? Thank you FDN and Lesllie Dutton!

  4. History repeats itself. Once again, it happens to me! | April 26, 2015 | Permalink Reply

    I am experiencing the similar retaliation by DHS. They never learn or change. History repeats itself.

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