Amnesty Will End Republican Party #VB121

July 23, 201311 Comments

International Security Expert Alex Alexev Alarmed at Amnesty Proposal

International Security Expert Alex Alexev Alarmed at Amnesty Proposal

Los Angeles , CA  International Security expert Alex Alexiev is predicting that amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants in America is destined to destroy the Republican Party. He believes that the Senate Bill 744 amnesty program, if approved by the House of Representatives, will spark the creation of a new political party or by empowering a “One Party Rule” system of government in the Unted States.  European Immigration Disaster Looming: He points to the current immigration disaster in Europe where violence and unrest  between Muslim immigrants and the European population has been escalated to raise the speculation that Civil War could come to European countries soon.  A six segment FDN interview series featuring Alex Alexiev is soon to be released online and to public cable channels througout California and in major cities across the country.  

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Reagan Amnesty Program Paved The Way:  Alexiev who is a Republican and an American citizen who emigrated to the United States, scoffs at the Republican leadership that claims amnesty will win the GOP support from Hispanic voters.  He notes that since the 1986 Reagan amnesty program Republicans have lost, not gained, support from Hispanic voters.  “The Republicans are delusional if they think supporting an amnesty bill will gain them votes.”

11 comments to “Amnesty Will End Republican Party #VB121”

  1. Bonnie | July 24, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    When Mexico gains total power in the U.S. the nation will totally fail. The once GREAT NATION will become
    another ugly Third World cesspool.
    At a Rep. Luis Guterrez Bakersfield rally (7/20/13), one American citizen was told she could not speak because she opposed S. 744. This will be your future Americans.

    Their way or no way! It will suck.

  2. Patriot35 | July 24, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    ATTRITION through ENFORCEMENT (of our existing laws) is the only way to save the GOP (and the Nation) – not Amnesty for illegal-aliens (or their children – they must repatriate with their parents) nor new ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ laws.

    I’ll say it again, and again, and again: BUILD THE FENCE, and

    ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT: The only way to stop the influx and remove the invaders. If our existing laws are enforced, they can’t find work, and they will go home. Only productive and bona fide ‘asylum seekers’ can stay.

    • Diane | July 26, 2013 | Permalink Reply


      You are so right! This worked in the past. No illegal alien ever had the nerve to protest our laws in Washington DC!
      They would have been arrested and deported!
      The United States is now under the control of the Corporations! What else is there to think?

      • Patriot | July 29, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Not just corporations, but unions who see new money, I mean members.

  3. Richard | July 24, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    I spent the first 20 years as a democrat and the party got farther apart from what I believed, then I spent the next 20 years as a republican, they ‘drifted’ further apart from what I believed. Now I’m ‘decline to state’, frankly I don’t care if there is a democrat or republican party because both are basically the same party. Men and women only concerned with holding on to power for themselves and the rest of us are on our own. Immigration-reform is a farce and a distraction while the ‘powers-that-be’ gather more influence, money and power. Americans of all ethnicities, social status and position need to take heed to their liberties being slowly and voluntarily taken away. We have enough laws (without enforcement) to address all the issues affecting our society negatively, we need to have the courage, integrity, determination and resolve to reclaim our nation before it is really too late. We have about 10 years to turn this thing around or we will be at a point of no return. The last great nation to fall by “outside” influence and interruptions was Rome, the tragedy is we don’t remember or study history to keep from making the same mistakes over again.

  4. doubleblack | July 25, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    It is hopeless. America is doomed as we know it.
    Why so many conservatives and liberals hate
    America only a talented psychiatrist may know after
    analyzing these self-hating individuals and groups.

    • Diane | July 26, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Americans must get together and threaten a backlash against S. 744.
      A huge boycott of the worst kind!

  5. Pat | July 25, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    was a republican in a republican district. I made the mistake of catching a guy shooting my truck. I did not know he had connections with public officials, when I reported his crime, to make a long story short, I learned that Republicans on the Bench author all of the immunity laws on the books today, especially Alden v. Maine. This is the reason why Richard I Fine cannot fight in court! Nobody cannot if they challenge officials to redress of grievances, solely due to the removal of “deterrence” that would normally allow culling of corrupt officials.

    So if this ends the Republican Party, I’m for it, but then, I don’t think democrat party would abandon “sovereign immunity” either.

    Party politics is bad if it supports 11th amendment immunity. Most have never heard about it, and that is surprising because it was the first amendment that contradicted a law that stated the 11th amendment was impossible to do because the rights were inalienable.

    Nevertheless, the11thamendment bars redress of grieves of a citizen from another state, and that “abridges a citizen right to redress of grievances” when the government violates civil rights. But moreover, even if Hans v. Louisiana didn’t include in the 11th amendment in 1890, that “citizens in the same state cannot sue the state,” it still “abridges the right of a citizen to exercise the first amendment.

    The above is deductive reasoning in that “Congress shall make no law…abridging the right…of a citizen to redress of grievances,” the first amendment. Yet that is exactly what congress ignored when they ratified the 11th amendment.

    I’ve heard many an insane person blame this on Admiralty law or the Masons. That is called inductive reasoning. It is not provable, though there may be some good story on the subject attracting like minded borderline insane people. What is for sure, is that MK Ultra, is the next step they follow when the insanity becomes irreversible.

    Its no stretch to assume that ending immunity by repealing a right to look the other way when officials commit a Title 18 USC 241 or 242, or 1346 crime will slow down and substantially reduce by deterring corrupt acts when proved by evidence in court. The 11th amendments purpose brings an interlocutory appeal to stop the minuscule of cases that may squeak past a Judge opposed to viewing failed qualified immunity cases with sovereign absolute immunity, as is the case in most section 1983 cases.

    So, will a 3rd party who chooses to fight over who controls the 11th amendments arbitrary nature? You got to be kidding me!

    Until a candidate learns that promoting the end of sovereignty, where the 11th amendment is the “causal link” closest to the formation of the constitution, will probably cause that candidate to win a landslide through a paradigm shift sudden awareness of the hoax of the constitution due to the contradiction that is seen through deductive empirical evidence between the first and 11th and even the 14th amendment. The 11th amendment creates 2 classes. The public citizen class and the private citizen class, and they are not treated equally. The public class can commit crimes and a lawyer will defend them in a liability suit for free and destroy their victim with sanctions and false light stigma. They can even punish accusers under SLAPP, and get treble damages, even if the accusers allegations are true!

    Party Politics who are ignorant of the 11th amendment are not unaware themselves, they only keep quite on it so you remain under the myth that even though you can see that there is an Eleventh Amendment, you are still clueless 200 years later and do not know what it did to destroy “life, Liberty, and justice for all! Join the bloodless revolution

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  7. concernedcitizens | August 3, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Alex is right and your report is sobering and a great reality check!

    Passing the immigration bill giving legitimacy to criminal deeds or rewards will destroy America as we know it!

    With a government out of control, there are few options!

    A label on a third party, birthed from the ranks of professional politicians will not have impact on the sheer numbers of a voting block. The proposed number of 11 million is more in alignment with 30 million at the end of the process.

    Amongst this all is a security factor with terrorist filtering through that has yet to be publicly addressed.

    In the fine print – whomever is head of the DHS will be the governor to address issues and enforcement. A door of opportunity for more corruption and incompetence.

    Thank you for your reports!

  8. chilled writer | December 3, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    I was a republican for economic reasons as a self employed businessman. I also thought republicans were for individual freedoms and liberty. I’m not saying democrats are the cats meow neither. Up in El Dorado County, the mayor was arrested, Several Boards of Supervisors have been arrested. They have an arbitrary form of dictatorship, and they are republicans. My wife and I dialed 911 to report a vandalism, I was witnessing. A bailed criminal suspect released on 1/4 million dollar bond was shooting my truck 39 hits. When we got the restraining order after he was arrested, we felt a bit of relief, as he threatened to murder us. A similar incident resulted in the murder of John O’Sullivan a few miles away. Well, it was an election and the guy that shot my truck had big campaign signs on his lawn. He was claiming a special relationship with a running DA. Although 4 other families had restraining orders against the same guy, to our shock, the newly elected DA dropped all charges, and we were stalked, assaulted, threatened for over 3 years, until we moved from the dreamhome we built. Found out that John O’Sullivan, also an immigrant from the British Isles, was reporting a crime committed by another favored citizen. We complained to our Republican reps, and they threw us to their pack of dogs.

    I’m not saying all are bad, just our jurisdiction. The only ones who listened and did something was the San Francisco California State Judicial Commission. They found that Judge James Wagoner had obstructed our grand jury investigation when he threatened to arrest my wife and I in a letter he sent us for filing a complaint. Apparently he didn’t know he couldn’t threaten crime victims for reporting crime. Undaunted, he did it again to another woman he didn’t like. He’s still on the bench in his republican bastion fixing the odd felony, grabbing citizens who think they have free speech, arresting them.

    So I did some checking. Republicans in the Supreme Court reinstated religious dogma called Sovereignty. Google Sovereignty and Alden v. Maine, (Erwin Chereminisky Dean of Law UC Irvine), also the myth of Sovereignty (Law Prof. Stephen Gey)

    Basically, this law put the nail in the coffin on the Eleventh Amendment which the courts had to embarrassingly use to dismiss corruption claims from litigants pointing fingers at corrupt officials. I mean who in USA wants to deter corruption anyway. So Alden v. Maine said that the Constitution did not require the Eleventh Amendment for sovereignty. They said that only “Faith” could be relied on by the people that government would not violate the supreme law of land.

    The said, “we will not assume that officials will disobey the constitution and we refuse to treat government criminals like criminals.” They said because we are “sovereign.” The common law stari decisis is from Blackstone Commentary chapter 7, “of the kings prerogative” defines sovereignty in that era. But in Blackstone, it contradicts their modern theory because English people could sue the king in 1776 in the court of Chancery, (Blackstone 1769).

    So it is pure Irony and an illogical conundrum we Americans fail to digest now for 200 years. In 1795, congress, ignored the First Amendment, after Chisholm v. Georgia U.S. 1793 constitutional author James Wilson testified, from the bench, “To the Constitution the word sovereign is totally unknown.” “Congress shall make no law….abridging…the rights….of a citizen to redress of grievances…(The First Amendment Prohibition on removing remedy from breach of contract and abuse of power.) But congress did just that and abridged the right for a citizen of one state to redress a grievance in another, as if that made since, today it applies even in the same state, proving it was a sham, and it violates to the letter the first amendment.

    If you recall, debtors prison was a possible life sentence. Even released debtors had their ears nailed to a post for them to remove by a knife. This possibility faced the heirs of estates of our founding fathers, who for centuries had favor over commoners with the courts, not because they had immunity, not even the king had immunity (Blackstone 1769). So for the first time after the dark ages, USA officials created more than existed in the past governments on paper.

    Yet US officials claim immunity from sovereignty. Sovereignty is defined n 1776 from Blackstone that a “convocation of clergy” handed parliament THEE smoking gun evidence that God had granted the king “pre-eminence, supreme being status, potentate,” In fact Rex es vicarious, almost Christ like status, or in fact just that. This was explaining that other nations potentates could no force a king to a civil suit or crime, and not the modern myth you all are told. If immunity is based upon the word of some preachers, is that a democracy? Or are we equal to the dogma of the middle east?

    Immunity in USA, best stated by Wilson is a “perversion of the genus species of logic,” we call a categorical syllogism surrounding the manifestation of laws allowing human right violations to occur under the myth that God has ordained it.

    That my friend is the perversion of religion by Republicans. Not of God, for I do believe in intelligent design, but not the way our leaders have exploited the poor and ignorant since the beginning when man took the 10 commandments and made them into the IRS code they call the bible.

    Anyway just a thought

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