US Literacy Plunges..Lowest in California #VB117

June 9, 201310 Comments

US Literacy Plunges... California dLowest

US Literacy Plunges… California Lowest

Los Angeles, CA  This video blog features clips from a new Full Disclosure Network® interview series with Alex Alexiev an International Scholar and Security. Expert  He points to government and institutional statistics compiled on literacy world-wide and the impact of illiteracy on the Democratic process in the United States.

Massive Population Transfers of Illiterate People To U.S. if Immigration Bill  (S.744) Is Approved 
Alexiev compares illiteracy rates of third world countries such as the the Congo and Burundi to California.  He predicts what it means to the future of the two party Democratic system in the United States and specifically if the Congress approves SR 744 that is being described as “Immigration Reform” but is actually an Amnesty program.   Source links listed below video screen.

Also featured is former U.C. Regent Stanley Sheinbaum who appeared in a 2010 interview on Full Disclosure Network® discussing the importance of election and campaign coverage by independent media saying that “if our voting system is to work properly, the voters have to be informed and educated so they know how to vote.”  Alexiev fears that additional amnesty programs will generate more mass population transfers, granting citizenship to people who do not read or write in their own language. Literacy Source Links:

Data is based on UN and Unesco sources.
With an illiteracy rate of 23% (77% literacy) California would rank 151  of   205 countries

10 comments to “US Literacy Plunges..Lowest in California #VB117”

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  3. Sarah G Epstein | June 11, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    I agree that we do not need more illiterate citizens and that the amnesty bill should be defeated.

  4. joebanana | June 11, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    But we print product labels in 92 different languages. Even our local McDonalds is captioned in Korean. Maybe not everyone can read English, but who’s fault is that? The ones that don’t speak English, don’t have to. English has become a second language.

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  6. Dave | June 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    How about encouraging Mexico to fix their problems and we fix ours. That is the value in maintaining borders and citizenship. Problems are often best solved at the local level.
    It is apparent to me that those behind the concerted effort to promote the loose border policies are the same powerful interests that are influencing most all our foreign and domestic policies in order to promote their power and control over the people of the entire planet. Their is not a trick or crime they will not resort to in order to accomplish their end goal.

  7. Rudolph Abundis | June 21, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Most peopole do not know that the average indocumente imigrant is fluent in their own language and that most of the undocumented imigrant are the onesa that start business in California . spanish Korean Chinese and othe minorities

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