CCW Anger Continues to Grow #VB79

April 16, 20134 Comments


Orange County, CA .. The Full Disclosure Network® presents Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, the National Rifle Association’s Ed Worley and , former OC Sheriff Lt. Bill Hunt in a video news report covering the new policy implemented by Sheriff Hutchins regarding issuing CCW’s in Orange County.

During the 15 minute video, citizen gun owners who attended a hearing before the Orange County Board of Supervisors testified their dissatisfaction with the Sheriff, a political appointee and her new policy. Many speakers suggested that she has her own agenda, is intending to impose the undesirable policies of Los Angeles County on the citizens of Orange County. The Board of Supervisors came under fire for having appointed someone who does not represent the concerns of the citizens.

Sheriff Hutchens stood her ground refuting the interpretation of her new policy saying “I do not see this as a Second Amendment Issue. The policy does not impact the right to have a gun at home or in a place of business.”

Bill Hunt, who is expected to challenge Sheriff Hutchens in the 2010 election was critical of Sheriffs and other Police Chief’s who do not share the fundamental beliefs in values held in the communities which they serve.

The following points were made during the citizen testimony:

  • Why should permits be given only to those who transport large sums of money?
  • Personal protection and family protection should be considered as primary issue
  • Restricting use of Concealed Carry Weapon permits does not make the county safer.

Viewers are asked to participate in an opinion survey at the end of the video and to leave comments on the video blog for discussion.

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  1. ERICy | April 30, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    1) Our streets would be much safer with a community that is armed. Gun owners are typically trained and are responsible and would not be allowed to buy a firearm if they had a criminal history. So why fear gun owners? They will most likely not shoot you or anyone else unless their life is threatened, or that of someone nearby… Yes, it would be safer and it would also not infringe our 2nd amendment.

    2) The 2nd Amendment says nothing about good cause. It does say that the right of the people to keep and BEAR arms shall not be infringed. This current sheriff, Sandra Hutchins is dictating good cause and does NOT think that self protection when outside the home is a goof cause to carry a weapon. I absolutely believe that the only reason a person WOULD carry outside of the home is for self protection, so why would that not be good cause? Its better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

    3) The top law enforcement official in our county need to be elected, pure and simple. Sandra Hutchins is not in tune with the people she serves or the law and is hiding behind the “Good Cause” requirement, as there is nothing in the law that states what good cause is. She clearly dictates good cause herself. with police response times being over 5 minutes, why should i have to wait 5 or more minutes for a cop to arrive, when it may take 1 second for an armed assailant to pull a trigger… do that math… thats 300 good causes right there. Since people are obviously dissatisfied with Sandra Hutchins, we should be afforded the opportunity to vote in someone who will serve the people and protect them, not act like a dictator of good cause to defend yourself or others.

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