Where is “our” George Washington?

February 21, 2013One Comment

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B. Scott Minerd

On President’s Day Weekend, Full Disclosure (R) presented “Remembering George Washington, the Father of our Country.” The theme of the program was to highlight the character of our First President and how different he was from today’s politicians. Keynote speaker B. Scott Minerd spoke about the qualities of the man that were so essential for bringing the new country out from under the British tyranny to a new form of government, never tried before in the history of mankinds.

As a surprise for the audience, former long-time editor of the LA Daily News Ron Kaye came out dressed in full Continental regalia, and spoke to the audience as General Washington, capturing the difference between the leaders of today and what was intended by the founders of our country.

You can watch a brief video of these two inspirational speakers here:

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