Who Is to Control Public Access Television? #634

January 3, 20132 Comments

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Public Access Television is establishing a foot-hold in Long Beach, a suburb of Los Angeles. But is it really “public access” with the freedom of expression that was established by the initial format allowing all citizens to air their opinions?




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Darick Simpson suggests that he and his agency can be trusted to run the Long Beach public access television channel in the best interest of the community. But he emphasizes that his Community Action Partnership will have a leading program on his channel.


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Seeing the end of funding for the public access station on the horizon is only two years away, Darick Simpson has had his CAP agency hire a fund-raising specialist.  Producers Lynn Brennan and Michael Blevins from the nearby city of Torrance have learned first-hand how the so-called public access channels can control content, when they are under the control of government officials.


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Who will control public access television? In Long Beach, Darick Simpson is attempting to establish an Advisory Board to set the policies and controls. Jim Worsham, the President and CEO of the Long Beach Community Foundation who also represents the James L. Knight Foundation. These two organizations were responsible for making the funding available to Darick Simpson. Will they have the authority to direct the Advisory Board regarding which programs will be suitable and acceptible?

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    We’ve been infiltrated by a foreign power. A war has been declared on the American public, freedom, liberty, and privacy. What once was a government has morphed into a domestic enemy, a homegrown terrorist organization, and an organized crime syndicate, all in one package. We no longer have three branches of government, we have one cartel, we have the axis of evil we were warned about. Along with the main stream propaganda, disinformation machine, drones, militarized police, DHS stockpiling ammunition, a fraud for president, a conspiring congress, an epically corrupt court system, the massive movement of military vehicles and equipment throughout Los Angeles county, and surrounding areas, FEMA camps, the NDAA, and daily violations of the law, and Constitution by the Obama administration, to the point of total disregard, ie. gun regulation, public access television is not in the best interest of the empire, or the ruling class. We have a government on par with Mexico, or Somalia, or worse. With the advent of electronic voting machines, fair, and legitimate elections are past history. When the USDOJ runs an organized weapons smuggling ring, to Mexican drug cartels, and refuses to answer congress’s questions about it, we have a serious problem.

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