Hollywood Blames City Officials for Death of Public Access Television #633

December 21, 20122 Comments

633 Hollywood Blames Politicians


Hollywood celebrities and First Amendment advocates are decrying the third anniversary of the death of public access television in the media capitol of the world: Los Angeles. But there is a glimmer of hope in a satellite city of LA. The City of Long Beach is re-constituting public access in their city, operated by a government funded poverty organization: the Long Beach Community Action Partnership. Promoted by their Executive Director Darick Simpson, will this be the opportunity for free expression as public access was originally designed? Or will the government entities funding this project force Mr. Simpson to control, censor, or limit the freedom of expression?

Amng those appearing in the preview ( along with many other in the  full programs)  are:
Ed Asner,  Actor and Former SAG President
Vin Di Bona (Creator-Producer America’s Funniest Home Videos)
Stanley Sheinbaum, First Amendment Champion) Former U C Regent
 Lionel Martin,  Hip Hop music producer
Morris  “Big Money Grif” Griffen, Producer




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633 Segment 1

Hollywood professionals identify the important First Amendment resource provided by public access television.

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633 Segment 2

Darick Simpson is setting up a new public access television program in Long Beach, under the auspices of his agency, the Long Beach Community Action Partnership–a government-sponsored national poverty program.

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633 Segment 3

You can see the direction of the “new” public access television: Mr. Simpson sent the members of his teen arts program to Washington D.C. to lobby on behalf of the Long Beach Community Action Partnership to protect the endangered block grants received from the Federal government. These youths are learning how to use the format of public access as a forum for advocating political purposes.

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  2. joebanana | April 24, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    The NDAA, CISPA, the PATRIOT act, SBx2-11, loss of a honorable judicial system, a government full of domestic terrorists. The “city officials” are a crime syndicate, as are the courts. Boston, Sandy Hook, Colorado, WACO, Ruby Ridge, 911, the Obama fraud/forgery, criminal investigation scandal, the USDOJ gun running scandal. A derelict Congress.
    It’s amazing how much a community can change in 10 years.

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