USA vs Corruption?

August 26, 20127 Comments

Los Angeles, CA     From the heart of the media world the Full Disclosure Network (FDN) is launching a campaign to release a series of six documentary movies in a war against corruption in the USA.  These documentaries are in various stages of completion and some are ready for distribution,  others are  ready for post production.  All that is needed is the financial backing from underwriters, supporters and contributors to get these projects completed for release.  Watch this short video of the six (2-3 min) movie trailers and download the documentary brochure below the video screen to learn what you can do to join the fight against corruption in America.

Download & Print Documentary Brochure  & Insert HERE:      InternetBrochure_pg1      InternetBrochure_pg2     DocumentaryParticipationInsert

  • “The Prosecutor & The Presidency”
  • “Who Controls The Elections?”,
  • “The Cost of Courage: The Fight Against Court Corruption”
  • “Belmont: The World’s Most Expensive High School”
  • Public Television or Government Propaganda?”
  • “Marina del Rey: Corruption in Paradise”


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  1. Jon Nahhas | August 27, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Once again, Full Disclosure is doing the great deed of keeping the public informed of the issues that the mainstream media fails to do. The filtration of the meaningful news will continue to harm are citizens. Marina del Rey is a cesspool of corruption and the taxpayers continue to get fleeced by the “sales” transfer (public to private) of this valuable coastal asset. Full Disclosure is one of the few media agencies that have continued to follow the handing-over of our public lands.

  2. annomymous | September 15, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    H.R. 3474 (103rd): Riegle Community Development and Regulatory Improvement Act of 1994
    Please post this and circulate it high and low. This is the heart of all the hate, insanity, corruption, and abominations of our planet and life itself. They made it the law to participate in fraud, RICO, human trafficking, abominations and the annihilation of humanity and our planet. While making it law not to disclose and granting immunity and big money to those who participate while injuring and/or killing all those who resist. YES! THEY MADE THAT THE LAW. Look in the Federal Register and the Library of Congress for this Act. Do your own research for confirmation. Oh! It reads, ”Text not available”! You are in a media block zone. Please, allow me to share until you can get it from a law librarian.
    Oh this is the tip of the iceberg, but the place to begin.

  3. Renoira | September 16, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Please visit the website This website documents the corruption in the lending institutions in our country, blessed by our government. In particular the corruption of Countrywide as it resurfaces as PennyMac, profiting from its former fraud.

    Thank you for keeping the public informed with what is REALLY going on in our nation.

  4. joebanana | December 31, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Only 3 comments since August? C’mon people, this stuff is epic. We don’t have a government, we have a crime syndicate, an elected Mafia, but worse. These criminals are in positions of great power, and they are destroying our country, our livelihoods, our families, and our freedoms. And we pay them to do this? Lets stop living up to the title “stupid American’s”, our government is committing atrocities around the globe in our names, and we allow it. We’re a sick society, do we need help, or can we do it ourselves. Sitting on our hands doesn’t work, support Full Disclosure, they can’t do it alone. In case we haven’t noticed, police aren’t there to protect the public, they’re there to control the public, and protect the elite. Just sayin’.

  5. Pat Hamer | January 1, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Hey Joe, “crime syndicate” is a fact. Look at RICO stats. Jeff Grail has a great website and has a focus on govt corruption in his elements, which is rare for state officials to do.

    I think people with “assets and financial resources” to produce documentary have been educated in the use of logic taught in classical philosophy. Any financier, would notice that FDN is local, and majors on minor premises of corruption, failing to identify in their media, what Sun Tzu stated would cause victory without loss of troops. This is what he called the “Master of the Empire.” They are openly wasting resources on blaming the “president, prosecutors, elections, court corruption, expensive high school (roflmao), propaganda, corruption in paradise (a repeat of all the above.). Each one of these claims are minor premises, describing agencies that can abuse power, have been given authority to do so under Alden v. Maine. Each occur as a direct result of abuse of power by fundamentally misconstruing common law, centered around the “doctrine of immunity.” Alden arose from the 11th amendment which was so perverted in the use of logic, it could no longer remain a “straight faced” opinion. Even Alden merely delays the awareness of the absurdity of “sovereigns” governing the USA with “absolute power, made palatable by cloaking it in “electoral democracy,” which is absurd when we can chose “sovereigns” as our term limited dictatorial tyrants. Thus creating the Major premise with a conclusion that corruption will not be harmful to US policy, simply so they don’t loose their assets for abusing power. The solution, before all others would make sense that ending this “right of tyrants only,” (Dec. of Ind.), is not that far from fruition, but only if people knew the links that had to be removed, and they do not, and FDN’s 20 years of wasting time shows this.

    Dean of law at UC Irvine Erwin Chemerinsky wrote an article calling this “sovereignty” a “hypocrisy,”

    When I read the article, I had already done research to see if there was a rational basis, that the government could use to ignore “rule of law.” I discovered that it was the perverting of logical syllogism and equivocating words and terms into meanings that are not supported by definition from its original, and even modern definition. I explain this at Even though we view judicial decree that is contrary to our belief in what the constitution is, as “corrupt.” They simply equivocate criminal abuse of power 18 USC 242, to what they deem non criminal “abuse of discretion,” which in reality is criminal “abuse of power, especially when you can show that common law was ignored. If there was some form of deterrence, which there is none, other than judicial counsel complaints (judging judges by crony judges) the bias exists to cover up their colleagues making decisions to further strengthen the right to abuse under Alden’s, “sovereign power.”

    I always wondered why other seemingly educated and intelligent persons could not grasp this, in fact, I considered that I might even be caught in some major flaw in my logic, that I could not overcome, which I believe vehemently is to ignore the minor issues, and focus on attacking the laws that allow corruption, i.e. 11th amendment, Alden, etc. I could be wrong, but this should be the first thing to do. But as you see, FDN claims “20 years” as pioneers shedding light on corruption, yet they ignore the simple reality, that if a law allows corruption, attacking corrupt officials who are protected by the law is futility. I have been perplexed, why I never saw this before, and perplexed further by pointing this out, only a minority of persons seem to be able to make the connection. Other than the lame “over-deterrence theory,” I have not had anyone able to point out the flaw.

    My question of “why” was answered appropriately by another attorney professor in the Ohio State Law Journal Steven G. Gey. Professor Gey, my presumption that fallacy abusive misleading rhetoric, such as the fallacy of equivocation was the culprit, allowing a perverted form of a good law, i.e. “diplomatic immunity,” derived from the 14th century (see Bartolus “par en parem non habet imperium.”) to slip into our paradigm, thus upsetting the shift of justice, making injustice a reality, I believe temporary awaiting an intellectual revolution and renaissance. Until you people think like me, we are going to suffer as much abuse as possible, instead of minimal abuse with “sovereign immunity.” In Gey’s article, “The Myth of State Sovereignty,” gey stated that, paramount and foremost, in the introduction 1st paragraph,

    “It is now apparent that the United States is in the midst of a constitutional revolution. For the most part, it is a quiet revolution. The issues around which the revolution is being fought are so esoteric that anyone not possessing an unnaturally strong interest in the structural aspects of constitutional law will have a difficult time staying awake long enough to understand the details of what is happening.”

    Sovereignty, in reality is a myth, a form of dogma, being forced on society, first pointed out by Copernicus, and Galileo. The paradigm shift was actually equivocated to natural science instead of the intended political and social science. The paradigm shift intended, will occur by ending dogmatic form of government responsible for birthing “sovereignty” allowing government to exploit humans by violating human rights and justice through religious dogma that justified by immunity for “Gods earthly emissaries.” Separation of church and state, also means removing religious dogma, such as immunity. Evil doers in government are supposed to be “equal” under the 14th amendment, but we see that is a fallacy also. It takes years of studying legal theory that connects the dots. One is the Rational basis theory. Enquist v. Oregan 2008 states that “rational basis” is required for acts that may be declared unconstitutional, or inaction that may discriminate by denying what other “similarly situated individuals” have received (violation of 14th amendment for govt service discrimination).

    So all perceived acts of corruption that causes citizens or classes of citizens damages, are immune under the 11th amendment, (that basis set aside by Alden stating the Constitution did not need the 11th amendment in the first place, “sovereignty is the rule of law” and sovereigns can do anything).

    So what we witness in USA is that attacking officials in civil court who abuse you is punitive similar to criminal punishment but cloaked under “sanctions, contempt, among other.” If you are in a very corrupt jurisdiction, and you try to rectify injustice, no matter if it is res ipsa loquitur, prima facie, 100 witnesses, don’t matter, federal magistrates are funneled these “state case” and they “fundamentally misconstrue” the facts using “Mock Trial” (without a jury or rights to subpoena), and create an illusion to the public of “they had their day in court and failed.”

    So FDN and 99.9% of activist news, that pretend they want to fix corruption, cannot get people like us who know the truth to support their futile idiotic motion pictures featuring disgruntled victims, as if “the people” would cause fear in officials if they were made aware that the “government was corrupt.” The marketing strategy I see, is that “victims,” will fund their own stories and do the leg work providing an income stream for their lame activism. People already know officials are corrupt, and they don’t care, because they don’t know the solution. The good news is laid before us with elemental connections that are easily followed. The cases exist and the record supports overt corruption in the files of today’s decisions. Once we end immunity, the evidence is just waiting to prosecute Yaffe’s and others. But only if you follow what I have laid out, will we ever see change. I didn’t come up with the idea, I just have not given up or died like others behind me! We must attack the “Mastery of the Empire” that cultivates Corruption in US politics, and that is the “doctrine of immunity.” There is no historical basis to show that “abandoning this doctrine would destroy our way of government.” The quote has become their only accepted basis to justify this tyranny the Declaration called “a right inestimable to them only, and formidable for tyrants.

  6. Pat Hamer | January 1, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Explaining the grammar error, “Jeff Grail has a great website and has a focus on govt corruption in his elements, which is rare for state officials to.” A bit confusing govt corruption seems to be the norm when overlooking complaints. Jeff Grail is a state official, or was, and it is rare they provide aid on how to identify corrupt officials.

  7. ashleigh arashfar | January 8, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    i,m in process to disqualify judge robert hess of la supirior court

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