State Bar Caught in Fraud? #617

January 23, 2012No Comments

Segment 1 Dr. Richard I Fine says that in August 2011 the State Bar Association admitted in Court documents that their disbarment of former U.S. Prosecutor Richard I. Fine, was a fraud. He tells Full Disclosure why the disbarment order that took his law license away in now officially void. This is one of three segments featuring Dr. Fine discussing all the details of the recent revelations on the Full Disclosure Network.

Segment #2 Dr. Fine explains it was his fight against government and court corruption prompted his disbarment by the State Bar and the Supreme Court Justices who were receiving illegal payments from Los Angeles County.

Segment #3 Dr. Richard I. Fine describes the break down in the justice system and how judges become “Disqualified” from hearing cases involving L A County, when they accept money from the County on top of their State salaries. He describes how judges use Clerks to issue illegal orders to prevent their illegal activities from being exposed.

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