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Judicial Watch Series On Full Disclosure Network® #615

January 29, 2012No Comments


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Segment #1 Judicial Code of Silence Revealed

Judicial Watch won their lawsuit against the illegal payments to Judges made by County Governments (Sturgeon v County of LA) Paul Orfanedes, Director of Litigation for Judicial Watch explains how $350 million was paid to Judges in Los Angeles Illegally. Judicial Watch’s lead attorney describes the Judges conspiracy of silence on illegal double benefits paid to judges.

Preview of Segment 1:

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Segment #2 Judicial Watch Monitors, Exposes Government

Paul Orfanedes describes the importance of public access to government records and how those records foster accountability.

Preview of Segment 2:

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Segment #3 Judicial Watch: Court Transparency Nonexistent?

Paul Orfanedes reacts to Senate Bill SBX2 11 passed to legalize payments that were forbidden by the Constitution. He offers his assessment of the government functioning outside of the Constitution.

Preview of Segment 3:

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