Are Drug Cartels Influencing the Budget Cuts #611

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Sgt. Valdemar explains the State Legislature passed laws to protect public officials by exempting them from wire taps when involving public corruption. When considering the recent budget cuts to Narcotic Enforcement and Bureaus of Intelligence and Investigations approved by Governor Brown, Valdemar explains the devastating impact when prosecution of drug cartels, gangs, narcotics, human trafficking, etc. are blocked.

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Segment #1: How Prisoner Releases Impact Public Safety

Massive release of prisoners in California was mandated by AB109 and signed by Governor Brown and is referred to as “Realignment”. Sgt. Richard Valdemar describes why the so-called “non violent” offenders are in fact most likely violent inmates who “plea bargained” down in exchange for their testimony against others involved in the violent crimes.



Segment #2: Voters Backlash Against Politics & Media

Former LASD Sheriff’s Sgt. Richard Valdemar points out the public mood of disgust against politicians who don’t follow rules and the media failure to report it.



Segment #3: Theft of Public Property and Public Corruption

Government agencies are going astray because there is no oversight of according the Sgt. Richard Valdemar. He says HUD and urban renewals are a good example of how money is sucked out of our system and leads down the road to bankruptcy.

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