The Dark Side Of Legalizing Pot #VB107

October 30, 20114 Comments

Los Angeles, CA Is California headed for corruption much worse than in Chicago in the days of Al Capone and prohibition? Watch this video assessment by Mexican Mafia and Gang Specialist Sgt. Richard Valdemar, who retired after more than three decades with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. He describes how the Mexican Drug Cartels are controlling industrial farming of Marijuana while enslaving both the illegal alien laborers and the U. S. Farmers . Once entrapped by the Cartels, they are unable escape with their lives. Valdemar cites a recent example of the desperation of “medical marijuana” dealers in the U. S. who cannot turn to the police to save themselves from the Mexican Drug Cartels now taking over operations in California.

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  1. Fabian | August 24, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Marijuana should be legalized. Valdemar just made the the case for me. Run the cartels out of business. The war on drugs the Nixon started has been an utter failure.

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  3. OPC | November 10, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Key points:

    If we put the government in charge of manufacturing and distributing marijuana, that will make it harder for the cartels to get a piece of the action. This is the plan in at least one state where recreational pot use was recently legalized.

    Of course criminals will go do other bad crimes. That’s obvious. But we can reduce their involvement in marijuana cultivation and distribution, thereby saving lives.

    EVERYONE who has a TV and watches it has seen commercials for fully legal, sanctioned drugs that claim to cure or alleviate one problem, only to cause other serious side effects, including homicide and / or suicide and everything in between: Fake sample to make my point: “Try Bealis as hiccup cure. (may cause kidney or liver failure, loss of hearing and taste, irritable bowel syndrome, and suicidal tendencies). Imagine not hiccupping again! (pictures of laughing kids and birthday parties and puppy dogs accompany the narration)..

    So while marijuana may not be without it’s health issues, it is no worse than legal medicine, and does not have the history of problems caused by alcohol. Did you see Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s special on the subject on CNN? Marijuana and an associated ingredient that does NOT cause one to get high, provides a variety of health benefits that no other drug supplies, apparently.

    Sgt. Richard Valdemar’s intent is good, but he is misinformed. Get educated, Sgt., and become a supporter of intelligent, regulated legalization and distribution of marijuana.

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