Department Of Justice Accused Of Racketeering Cover Up Part 1 #598

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Segment #1: Call for Special Prosecutor on HUD Loan & DOJ Cover-Up
Former U S ProsecutorRichard I Finedescribes how the U. S. Attorney’s Office has become involved in the HUD cover-up of a Marina del Rey $125 million loan guarantee for a luxury apartment complex. Following this request for investigation submitted to the U.S. Attorney ‘s office ,a prompt response was received byProfessor Daniel Gottlieb, (in this letter) from the Department of Justice, saying the U.S. Attorney did not conduct investigations. According to Fine this response was proof positive of the spreading cover-up.



Segment #2: Easy Steps On How To Convict Corrupt Officials
Former U. S. Prosecutor Richard I. Fine, Ph.D. reveals how easy it is for the U.S. Attorney to call a Grand Jury to obtain Federal indictments on the HUD cover-up of a $125 million loan guarantee on a Marina del Rey apartment complex. He outlines the prosecution process and details the numerous public records available to prove a case under the Racketeering Influence and Corruption Organizations Act (RICO) and how very simple the process is to get convictions involving the L A County Supervisors, Superior Court Judges and Developers in Los Angeles, a case in point, the Marina Del Rey Shores development.


Segment #3: Special Prosecutor Needed on HUD Loan Application
Former US Prosecutor Richard I. Fine warns it is a federal crime when HUD awards a $125 million Loan Guarantee a Marina del Rey apartment complex that has only 54 units reserved for low income residents, that adds up to $2.5 million per low income unit. The remaining 500 luxury units are for high income residents in the development. He calls for a Special Prosecutor to be appointed to prosecute this federal crime.

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