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L A City To Steal Public Tv Trust Funds To Expand Government Channels #VB94

February 6, 20112 Comments

What is Happening to America?

Los Angeles, CA With only two hours notice Full Disclosure Network®rushed to the Los Angeles City Hall on Tuesday, February 1st where a strategic five-year plan for L A City Government Channels was announced, describing elaborate plans to use millions of dollars for the City to produce video content to communicate with the public in taxi cabs, at airports, and even gas stations.

In a ten minute video news blog, Full Disclosure® interviewed Ron Kaye, former Editor of the L A Daily News, who jokingly suggested that the City’s plan is so extensive they may even place videos in public urinals to get maximum exposure for the local elected officials. A more detailed report on the two-hour meeting is to come later as the details become known.

Full Disclosure® learned of the massive plan to expand government channels, at an almost-secret meeting where no members of the public attended. No other media or press attended the Special Joint Meeting of the Los Angeles ITA (Information Technology Agency) and Budget Committees.

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