Parking Meters are Robbing Citizens in Public Parks #VB91

November 7, 20102 Comments

Los Angeles, CA — Full Disclosure Network® held its 19th Anniversary Brunch in the Community Room of L A County’s Burton Chace Park on Saturday, October 30th. Here is the documented proof of what happened to the visitors who came from all over Southern California who were abused by the County’s aggressive revenue-generating policies.

A fleet of parking enforcement attendants was lying in wait to issue the $60 tickets. Watch this video and see what happened and how the public reacted, featuring guests attending the event who became unsuspecting victims of parking enforcement.

Most visitors did not have the quarters and those who went to an overflow parking lot found there was a malfunctioning ticket machine with confusing and conflicting instructions, as demonstrated by the Division Chief for LA County Beaches & Harbors.

Just A Few of The Many Parking Victims on Oct. 30th 9 a.m.
Althea Shaw,Tommie Shaw, Bill Edwards, Fred Sotille T. J. Johnston Leslie Dutton, Tony and Danute Mazeika, M.D.Romney, B. Blinderman

L A County Dept. Beaches & Harbors
Paul Wong, Division Chief, Planning Division
Debra Talbot, PR/Marketing Dept

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