Saving the Public Access TV Channels in America: Program #572

September 12, 20107 Comments

The Full Disclosure Network® presents a six minute preview of a four-part special series featuring prominent luminaries and civic leaders who describe reasons why they have joined the battle ahead to bring back public access channels in L.A. they are: Seven time Emmy Award winner Ed AsnerVin Di Bona the Executive Producer of America’s Funniest Home Videos, Stanley Sheinbaum Former U C Regent & ACLU First Amendment Advocate, Ron Kaye, a long-time Editor L A Daily News and B. Scott Minerd Chief Investment Officer Guggenheim Partners and David R. Hernandez, Civic Activist. The series is hosted by Emmy Award winner Leslie Dutton.


Los Angeles, CA The loss of all the public access cable channels in Los Angeles shocked the entire community including many of the Hollywood personalities and industry professionals got their start on the public access television. Many of them have come together with local cable producers to restore what was lost following an ugly legislative battle in Sacramento in 2006, where the telecom and cable companies in collusion with government officials killed the public access channels Los Angeles.

The documentary series also features the never reported testimony of L A City officials and public access producers in as they appeared in the official debate prior to the City’s decision to shut down the channels.Others appearing in the are community cable producers and operators across the nation who tell Full Disclosure Network the benefits of public access programming to the community, they are: Ron Cooper of Sacramento Access,
Elaine AlstonJames Caviness and Robert Sherreta of DCTV and Los Angeles City Councilman Bill RosendahlArthur Pomaand Steve Creeger all former cable company operatives.

There are twelve segments in the Documentary that explain the purpose of Public Access television, the history, the battle ground and hope for the future battle to save this valueable public asset. Here is a preview of the first program:


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Program #572
Segment #1 (8 min) “LA Public Access TV Fight Gains Interest Across America”
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Segment #2 (8 min) “Unique Content and Issues Ignored By Commercial Media”
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Segment #3 (8 min) “Cities Drop Public Channels But Keep Franchise Fees Intended For PEG Channels”

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7 comments to “Saving the Public Access TV Channels in America: Program #572”

  1. Diane | November 12, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Could it be the Cabal want to do away with public access TV because it exposes the BS of the Corporations?

    For example one of the 99% showed us how to use used cooking oil instead of gasoline to drive his car!

  2. [email protected] | November 13, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Some one said it best, its another avenue to shut down desent and criticism. Niomi Wolf’s series “End of America” (on Youtube) as well as the now millions of coffins in every state with fence in electrified wires and high command posts… TELLS IT ALL!
    The people who sought to tell society in Germany at the time, were deemed nuts and alarmists…despite the evidence. Doubt me? Place FEMA Camps in Youtube (and more)….
    Elizabeth Juanita Campbell

  3. Let's hope... | November 13, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    The theft of P.E.G. money should be prosicuted. Misapropriation of funds is no joke. the monopily on mass media has to be counter ballenced with public access.

  4. Pat Hamer | November 14, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    “Unless there is an uprising from the people…’ says one of the spokesman on this video. I mean, this is an example of so called “civil right” activist media attempting to reveal problems with “free speech.”

    Yet there is a source, and the solution futile thinking it lies in those who control “public access.”

    “Big Telecom companies want to take over bandwidth…at the stat level…or city…we fee city is not benifiting us…bla bla bla, and the coup de gras of benign, “we are moving forward…” my arse!

    “Govt shutting down criticism….without free speech, we have no hope,…” Oh and this “purpose of public acces…”

    “Insure the freedom of direict access ….is hte very bedrock of democracy… bla bla bla.

    Yet who is responsible for curtailing “free speech?

    The “supreme Court is the culprit, yet these misinformed station hosts, in full compliance with the threat of having themselves tossed into a corrupt court system accused of so called, “media malice” has learned not to be effective in revealing the source of free speech chilling through “directed jury retaliation of investors by penalizing media for speaking against the will of our “sovereigns.” I have a hard time that all this air-time does not target the source of abuse of power, which are the laws that legalize forms of abuse, and one is the 11th amendment! So focusing on all the minor premises creates invalid non attainable conclusions, well, according to Aristotle, but what does he know!

    This use of the word “sovereign” is alien to most Americans, who have been lead to believe their government is a democracy. In fact, says its “obsolete!” This didn’t deter the Supreme Court 5 tyrants, who reinstated religious dogma disguised as some word ignored by non dignatary sheep, who surrendered their freedoms by not objecting, this is even recalled from the text of the Declaration of Independence. This type of reporting by so called victim media, shows how ignorant the leadership of activism is. Their objective builds their media machine, and apparently focusing on the cure will end their opportunity to skim off the resources of donations. Sovereignty is “absolute power;” This is far from true, when analyzing the definition of the origin and actual effect calling our officials “sovereigns.”

    5/4 of the Supreme Court in 1999 Alden v Maine are protecting and enhancing their right to the doctrine of immunity, but this has ended the bill of rights, by placing them in a “mock proceeding,” that prior to 1795, did not exist, when our declaration ended it! This immunity has reinstated the “mock trials and judicial tyranny,” spoke of by the Declaration! Ironically it has its roots in church and state, whereby the idea was that God has given carte blanche grace to officials under a theory “par en parem non habet imperium” created in the 14th century to cover up and protect inquisitors. Those inquisitions, obviously harsher than today’s retaliation, derive from the same elements, which punish those who solely, “object to abuse of power.” But because our leaders do not recognize this as dark age dogma perpetuating, well hidden by use of rhetorical equivocation fallacy, simply hidden from mankind by making the study of philosophy an elective course.

    Obviously, those who object to abuse of power are no longer accused as “witches or heretics!” That would not fly! What will be tolerated by today’s so called educated society? Perhaps if those who question authority are stigmatized as “anti government [apparently the new god], or vexatious unbalanced mal contents, and our government deny them “redress of grievance” at any level, the frustration will drive them to suicide, mental illness, or murder. Pay attention to the movie called “Murder by Proxy,” showing how “arbitrary official retaliation and corruption” violating the 14th amendment is attributed to the “cause of murder.” I ignore that source, and refer to Macias v. Ihde Ninth Cir. 2000, upheld in 2010. The appellate court analyzes who “Murder by Proxy” is available to offiials who want to cover up their negligence or corruption. This is happening all the time but it seems unbelievable that our government officials would engage in murder by proxy. Yet it is inarguable that willful government violation of human rights will undoubtedly breed the potential for violence, and the Constitution was to prevent this. The 11th amendment was found to offer aid and comfort to officials who did not want to risk their wealth if they were caught violating the rights of others by abusing power under the color of law.

    Sullivan v. New York Times bridled the press, under the use of perverting the genus species of logic. This fallacy was used as a means of rational basis theory to allow the violation of the 1st amendment freedom of the press, under the guise of preventing press from using “malice” as a tool without remedy to any victims. Would not another media source be able to tell the truth? Simple economic Adam Smith invisible hand would destroy media that abused malice. Now we have monopoly of the press, and the government controls the media! So you see, this ended the free press, which prior, could not be deterred from even malice, which society had assumed would be a greater benefit to have faith in a free press with self restraint.

    So what was created after Sullivan was the right for the courts arbitrary abuse discretion, in a corrupt way if a political party needed to control the press from damages resulting from one of their candidates leaning heavily on the right to abuse power under the 11th amendment, and Alden v. Maine which ended democracy in 1999, by granting divine “sovereign” rights of immunity, “…even if corrupt…(Bogan v. Scott-Harris S. Ct. 1999) to citizen officials allowed to escape “equality of the so called 14th amendment! This was because they are no longer held as “EQUALS.” Par in Parem non habet, says “an equal cannot rule over an equal.” This is the common law origin of current stari Decisis which has made by Jus Cogens, turning a blind eye to government corruption, by our own justice dept. the destruction of not only our free speech, but our commerce! We now have witnessed transferring the Doctrine of Immunity to Wall Street mortgage banks, who were not only immune from squandering our mortgages, but paid off billions of dollars to do it again if they please! This is where James Wilson in 1793, stated that “to the constitution the word sovereign is totally unknown,” and that the state of Georgia implying the revolution was not to start a democracy but to transfer “sovereignty” to allow the new states to freely violate law and abuse citizens was a “…perversion of genus species of logic [syllogism]. If all men are created equal, in our constitution, a coup is manifest in 1795 because now, “all men are not created equal,” and the evidence supports this perversion of logic when “men/women” who are hired by the state, are free from liability during commerce of state business. No different than it was under the King.

    I encourage any reader to listen to JFK prior to his assassination and months prior to O’Sullivan case which allowed the government to interject arbitrary abuse of discretion to punish stock holders of press that criticized controlling political parties. The JFK speech is on Pay attention to when he discusses “arbitrary restrictions” that the soviets and other totalitarian governments used to silence their own people. Because we do not typically imprison innocent free speechers, Richard Fine aside, we not longer openly and absurdly torture, maim, or burn or execute those who contradict status quo by speech or peaceful act, we do bar them redress of grievance. Bogan v. Scott-Harris, Alden v. Maine, and the 11th amendment prove beyond a reasonable doubt that our society, and to the shame of our so called media of activism, is totally ignorant where the battle ground lies! Sun Tzu stated , in line with Aristotle syllogism, that one must identify the ‘mastery of the empire” in order to not be defeated! It is not a sub county state power or agency that if defeated, will fix your problem. You must repeal the 11th amendment and amend the constitution to rebuke the coup of 1795 which ignored Chisholm v. Georgia decision to continue the rule of the 1% blue bloods by barring citizens from holding old wealth at bay through equal justice for all!

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