California Officials Dodge Open Meeting Law In Private Meetings With Congress Members #566-567

May 30, 2010One Comment

566-567 LA in DC PreviewWashington DC The public and the press was barred from attending five of the ten official public meetings called by the L A Board of Supervisors on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. on May 5th and 6th 2010, Traveling with the Board was the County’s Chief Executive Officer, the County Counsel and at least a dozen of the highest ranking administrators all of who were on hand to discuss agenda items such as the Obama Health Care Plan, Funding for needy families and criminal alien assistance programs. But when the Full Disclosure reporter and camera crew showed up all hell broke loose.

County Supervisors had ten meetings scheduled in the Senate and Congressional offices and the White House for the two day event. Full Disclosure’s Reporter Janet Levy and the three-man camera crew were prohibited from entering the public noticed meetings by county staff and were told that it was the members of Congress who objected to having the public and camera crew in the meetings. However as Federal officials they are not subject to the California Brown Act that prohibits a majority (three or more) of the County Supervisors from meeting in private under the “Open Meeting Law”.

Full Disclosure showed up to the Capitol Hill offices of Senators Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Congress Members Henry Waxman, Judy Chu, Jane Harman, Maxine Waters, Linda Sanchez and Xavier Becerra they were met with county staff objections, restrictions and outright cancellations and were completely barred from the White House meeting. They were told that two Supervisors would be meeting “privately” with the Congress Members. However in the case of the White House, they apparently all in attendance but the public was barred. Watch this ten minute video of what happened.

The two-half hour Full Disclosure Programs covering these meetings will be shown on community cable channels throughout California and in major cities across the United States, including Washington D.C.and on the world wide Internet. DVD copies of the two-part series covering the meetings and events can be ordered from the Full Disclosure website here.

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