Judicial Benefits and Court Corruption Pt 1 #538

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Los Angeles, CA Full Disclosure Network® presents an exclusive interview with court critic and attorney Richard I Fine just one day before he was sentenced to jail by Superior Court Judge David Yaffe indefinitely, with no bail, no hearing date scheduled and no release date set.

Also featured is Los Angeles Civic Leader David R. Hernandez who describes his encounter with Judge Yaffe on an important election issue and the impact of Court and Judicial Corruption on the system.


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This is part of an on-going series on Court Corruption that includes this hour long interview with Fine, a prominent Anti-Trust attorney who worked in the U S Department of Justice winning landmark cases on OPEC, General Motors and with a PhD in International Law, serves in the diplomatic corps representing the country of Norway. Also Featured in the second half is Fred Sotille of Fathers 4 Justice.

Known for his ability to recover over a billion dollars from government that had been confiscated from special funds intended for specific uses, such as environmental fees, child support payments that were supposed to go to families that were diverted by the courts, illegal sewer fees and much more.

Parts Three and Four feature a one-hour interview with Judicial Watch attorney, Sterling Norris, whose landmark case (Sturgeon vs County of Los Angeles) Judicial Benefits paid to Superior Court Judges is illegal and prompted the California Judicial Council to sponsor legislation giving both the Judges and the county official retroactive immunity from prosecution.

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  1. joebanana | May 8, 2013 | Permalink

    Here we are 4 years later, and the corruption goes on unchallenged. Our entire judicial system is an organized crime syndicate. And apparently there isn’t a thing that can be done to correct this cancer on society. I’ve never been so utterly disgusted and repulsed by anything so thoroughly as the evilness we call a “government”. How could we let something so horrific continue for so long? I have an internet buddy in Australia, and he’s amazed at how stupid Americans are, we’re the joke of the world, but our media doesn’t bother to tell us that. How sad.

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